3 Solutions To Fix Bobcat General Warning Light Issues

bobcat general warning light
bobcat general warning light

Skid-steer loaders are the epitome of the term “jack-of-all-trades.” These gadgets aid operators with a wide variety of tasks, including earthmoving on a construction site, landscaping a park and cleaning stalls in a barn.

The versatility of these equipment makes them useful in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, and vegetation management. Skid steers may either have wheels or rubber tracks (the latter of which are also referred to as “track loaders”).

When compared to heavier construction equipment like articulated loaders, front-end loaders, and excavators, skid steers are very mobile and simple to operate. The hydraulic flow rate of most skid steer loaders is relatively high. As a result, you may drive growth with the help of hydraulic equipment attachments.

skid steer

The skid steer’s joystick controls make it much simpler to handle than more giant, heavier machines. Getting in and out of the driver’s seat of a skid steer or track loader is simplified by the skid steer’s open front entrance.

Since a skid steer operator doesn’t have to contend with a large front loader, they can clearly see their work area and complete it more precisely.

There are various skid steers manufacturing companies, and Bobcat is one of them. Wants to know more about the company and their skid steers? Let’s start right away!

Bobcat – All You Need To Know

Bobcat - All You Need To Know

Bobcat has been a market leader in the construction equipment industry because of the company’s commitment to innovation and superior product quality ever since it began manufacturing skid-steer loaders over 60 years ago.

Taking this into account, it’s not shocking that their skid-steer loaders are the best-selling on the market. All Bobcat skid-steer loaders are designed to aid you in your job and make life simpler.

The people who work for the Bobcat brand are just as durable as the equipment they produce, which is to say that it is also stylish and flexible.

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Even on the most challenging construction sites, using Bobcat equipment increases pride in one’s work and morale. When it comes to consistency and productivity, the company’s gear has always been unrivaled.

When it comes to consistency and productivity, the company’s gear has always been unrivaled.

Bobcat doesn’t hold back from releasing flawless skid steers just like they do with their other machines.

Recently, complaints have been made that the warning lights on their Bobcat skid steer are malfunctioning. Listed below are solutions to try if your Bobcat skid steer shows the same problems. Let’s dig deeper into them!

Bobcat General Warning Light Issues – 3 Solutions To Fix

  1. Check Battery

Check Battery

The general warning light on the Bobcat skid steer can inform you about many possible problems. People usually say that the general warning light might indicate issues with the unit’s battery or charging.

As a light, if your Bobcat’s dashboard displays a generic warning message, you should probably examine the battery first.

Please make sure the battery terminal is clean before using it. If they have rusted, try wiping the affected area with a brush dipped in a vinegar solution. Once you’ve finished cleaning the attachment points, you may start the skid steer and look for the overarching warning light.


If the power persists, use a multimeter to measure the current being drawn from the battery. If the battery life is too short or the power output is insufficient, you should get a new battery for your skid steer.

If the voltage at the battery terminals is within the acceptable range, the problem may lie in the wiring cluster. However, you will have to swap out the battery if it is not delivering sufficient power. However, the cost of a replacement battery might build up rapidly and make a severe hole in your finances.

However, there is still hope that if you change the batteries in your Bobcat, it will start working again.

The best solutions may be frequently found in places you wouldn’t expect them to be. It’s also possible that the skid steer won’t turn over because the battery voltage is too low.

It is recommended that the skid steer’s starting voltage should be about 12. If you assume that the starting voltage is the source of the problem, you should investigate it right away. This can be done with the aid of a multimeter.

short circuit

A multimeter’s reading may be easily checked by positioning the probes adjacent to the relevant wires on your device. You will need to repair your starter if the voltage is too low for it to turn over.

There are cases when a steer-ride ceases functioning since it has reached the end of its useful life. It is possible for the battery to have a short circuit due to a faulty internal component or because of external variables like excessive humidity.

However, this does indicate that the skid steer’s battery has been damaged and that its replacement would restore its operational state.

What if the battery is OK, and the skid steer still doesn’t work, though? That indicates that there is a problem with your skid steer. And you might have to change your skid steer and treat yourself with a new Bobcat skid steer.

  1. Fix Fuses

Fix Fuses

If there are no problems with the power output provided by the battery, then you will need to verify the individual fuses. Checking the power output on both ends of the fuse connection may help you locate the faulty fuse if you can’t find it.

A multimeter placed beside the electrical wiring block will serve this job. The fuse may be defective if there is a noticeable change in power output.

In order to resolve this problem, you will need to replace the fuse that is currently in place. Fortunately, fuses are not extremely costly and shouldn’t have much of an effect on the budget.

In addition to this, you need to check the wiring cluster for any signs of damage. If the light on your skid steer is malfunctioning, you will likely see a generic warning light.

Check if this occurs is whether or not the fuse has blown. Make sure that there are no blown fuses in the main panel.

However, if the gap is too significant and the voltage disappears at the opposite end of the fuse, a new one will need to be fitted in the skid steer. You may stop by any hardware store for a replacement fuse for the Bobcat.

Some customers have claimed that when they flip the power key on their Bobcat skid steer, the wiring fuse quickly blows. Being unable to operate the skid steer until the fuses are replaced is annoying. However, this issue persists for some customers even after a new fuse has been installed.

Several experts have concluded that a broken sensor at the throttle linkage is to blame for this issue. This sensor is conveniently located near the motor and should be swapped out as soon as possible. That is to say after you’re done, the skid steer would perform as intended.

  1. Call Support

Call Support

Contacting customer service is the best line of action to take if you are unable to determine the source of the issue that is causing the general warning light to illuminate. Because of this, you won’t have to throw away any time trying to identify the cause of the warning light.

Bobcat’s technical support staff will provide you with in-depth instructions on how to solve this issue efficiently. Be careful to include specifics regarding the skid steer’s present state. The professionals will have an easier time determining the root of this issue if they have this information.

In order to get in touch with Bobcat, you may either dial the company’s phone number or submit a ticket on the website. To repair your skid steer, you just need to follow the instructions that have been given by the support members.

The Bottom Line

Bobcat’s lineup of skid steer loaders sees extensive application in both farming and building. These skid steers include a wide variety of convenience features that make working more manageable and pleasant for the operator. Even so, they may be experiencing severe issues that are flagged by the skid steer’s warning light.

However, this article has covered the most common triggers for warning lights to go out, as well as the best ways to deal with them. If they do, their Bobcat Skid Steer will be back in working order in no time, and users will have many more productive years with it in the farmland.

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