Why Do I Keep Finding Peanut Shells in My Yard?

i keep finding peanut shells in my yard
i keep finding peanut shells in my yard

Your choice of potting mixtures can vary depending on the type of weather in the area. Different brands of potting mixtures bring together a unique amalgamation of ingredients.

You should read the list of raw materials that are listed on the potting mixture bag. This knowledge of the ingredients will give you an increased control over the type of plants that you can grow and their overall lifespan.

These days there have been many cases of anglers coming across peanut shells strewn across their yard. This is a perplexing situation that has many valid reasonings.

I Keep Finding Peanut Shells In My Yard

Most types of potting mixtures that are used by gardeners have peanut shells mixed in them to get the perfect consistency. If you keep finding peanut shells in your yard then the most logical and simple explanation is that your potting mixture must have them as one of the ingredients.

This is nothing to be alarmed about because these are actually good for the plants unless and until you are seriously allergic to peanuts and their shells. In that case it would be safe to buy a potting mixture that does not have any peanut shells in its raw materials.

Aside from this, squirrels and birds can also add to this issue. They tend to bring peanut shells from other gardens and lawns and leave them in your yard. Even if you avoid peanut shell potting mixture, you can still run into these pesky things from time to time.

If you find them randomly like that, it is a good idea to collect them and bury them in the potting mixture yourself. Peanut shells have a good amount of fibre which is good for the plants.

There is no urgent need to pick out peanut shells from your backyard. These ingredients are a great option for mulching and can prove to be highly beneficial for your plants.

In case you are allergic, you also need to keep a close check on the quantity of the peanut shells in your potting mixture. If the quantity is minute then it really should not bother you at all.

Ways In Which You Can Use Peanut Shells In Your Yard

Instead of collecting peanut shells and discarding them if they accidentally land in your yard, you can put them to better use for your own good. Peanut shells have a lot of uses in the yard.

  1. Use For Mulch

Use For Mulch

Peanut shells can be used as a coating for the soil. This can protect your soil from degradation as it will form a layer of insulation against weather elements. The layer needs to be 1inch or 1.5inches thick so that it can be effective.

The peanut shells will disintegrate in a few months which will convert them into peat. Overall it is a win-win situation if you put these peanut shells to good use.

  1. Peanut Shells As Perlite

Peanut Shells As Perlite

Soil can usually sit down completely in the pot which can make the overall bought mixture very dense. This can make it almost impossible for the soil to provide any space for aeration.

If you put peanut shells in this soil they will make the potting mixture less than and as a result you will get excellent drainage in the pot. The aeration will also improve significantly.

  1. Use As Compost

Use As Compost

Compost is highly beneficial for all kinds of plants. Using peanut shells in compost is a good idea due to its high fibre content. However you need to ensure that the shells are not salted because the salt content can tamper with the pH value of the soil. This can result in more harm to the plants than good.

Benefits Of Having Peanut Shells In Your Potting Mixture

Peanut shells contain trace amounts of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. These do not provide any significant amount of improvement to the plant health in a direct manner.

The presence of peanut shells in the potting mixture can help the plants in other ways like improving the dampness of the soul and its overall texture

It contains a high amount of carbon content which is beneficial for the plant and it also allows for adequate oxygen circulation in the soil. Peanut shells are a better option that fertilizers and they also help the soil in retaining moisture.

In colder regions and places that have less sunshine, you need to be cautious with your use of peanut shells in the soil because they can rot and catch fungus due to water accumulation.


Peanut shells should not be picked out and discarded and they should definitely not be a cause for alarm. They offer more advantages and almost no harm to the soil. It is encouraged that you use them in your yard for your own benefit.

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