Can I Plant Directly Into Compost?

can i plant directly into compost
can i plant directly into compost

Composting is only as hard as you make it to be. This is why experts recommend beginners to keep it simple in the beginning. You can use things from your yard or your kitchen to fill your compost bin at the start. Most people avoid using vegetable peels and yard waste to maintain the compost pile.

A question that people seem to be especially confused about is “Can I Plant Directly into Compost?” If you also have this question in mind, then stay tuned as we go over this topic.

Can I Plant Directly into Compost? 

The answer to this question depends entirely upon the type of compost mixture you’re using. If you’re planning on growing plants in pure compost, it might not be a good idea because plants require different nutrients from the soil to encourage growth. However, if you develop the perfect compost mixture with the necessary nutrients for a particular plant, there shouldn’t be an issue with growing plants in compost.

In any case, it is best to use a soil compost mixture instead of trying your luck with pure compost. Depending upon the compost you’ve developed or bought, it will probably lack the necessary qualities to retain moisture. If no soil is mixed in the compost, the plants won’t have enough feed and water to grow on. So, even if you think that planting directly into compost is a good idea, it is better to go with a mixture already working for you.

With that said, some plants can work if you plant them directly into compost bags. Keep in mind that these bags have a feed and plenty of necessary nutrients filled in the compost. So, that is why people have so much success with planting directly in compost bags. If you want to play it safe and not risk producing this season, it is best to use compost mixed with soil. That will surely provide all the necessary nutrients along with good water retention properties.

Some gardeners did report having successful results from planting directly into the compost. That means that it is possible to grow plants depending on the type of compost and the type of plant you will use in this project.

In any case, it would be best if you could experiment with a few plants before committing to the project. You can also seek help from a gardening expert regarding the type of compost you should be using for this particular project.

To Conclude

Even though it is possible to grow plants by directly planting them into compost, it might not be a good idea for your plants. Firstly, because different plants have different nutrient requirements. If you use the wrong type of compost, your plants might die.

Other than that, pure compost does not hold water that well. So, you will need to water the plants multiple times. This is the reason why experts stick to compost mixture instead of planting directly into pure compost. You should also do the same if you want to see your garden thrive over the years.

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