What Is Making Dirt Mounds in My Yard? (Answered)

what is making dirt mounds in my yard
what is making dirt mounds in my yard

Among many factors like nutrient deficiency and poor environmental conditions, gardeners also have to deal with managing worm and insect activity in the soil. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to sustain the long-term growth of the plants while managing the aesthetic of your garden.

It is relatively common to notice small dirt mounds in your yard after every few weeks. Many beginners seem to be confused about the reason behind these mounds. So, let’s cover why you have to deal with dirt mounds in your yard every week.

What Is Making Dirt Mounds in My Yard?

Most commonly, earthworms are the reason why you notice the dirt mounds in the yard. However, depending upon the texture and size of the mound, it is also possible that there is something else affecting the soil. So, you will have to first inspect the soil for insects, ants, or any other burrowing animals. Anyhow, it is a routine task for many gardeners to rake out the dirt mounds and repair the soil beneath. As long as you’re sure that the dirt mounds are because of earthworms, it shouldn’t be an issue for your garden.

However, if you’re struggling with ants or some other insects in the garden, then you will have to look towards methods of terminating this problem. The most effective method for terminating this problem includes the use of chemicals. Unfortunately, these chemicals can negatively impact the overall integrity of the soil and also affect the growth of the plants long term. So, you need to look towards organic methods of removing the mounds from the garden.

Many experts have mentioned that using chemicals also destroys the beneficial worm activity in the soil and makes it impossible for the plants to grow efficiently. Keeping this in mind, there is no permanent solution that can be implemented to remove the mounds indefinitely. So, you will have to make it a weekly routine to rake out any mound you find in the garden and fill in all the holes left inside the mounds. Doing this should halt the activity of the insects for a few days before you have to do this again.

In case you’re struggling with a burrowing animal, then the best course of action is to call a wildlife expert and let him take care of the animal for you. It can be somewhat dangerous to deal with wild animals yourself if you’re unsure about what you’re dealing with.

To Conclude

Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about the little dirt mounds as they are caused by earthworms in the soil. You can just rake them on a weekly basis to maintain the aesthetic of your garden. However, if the size and texture of the mounds are irregular, then that indicates the possibility of insects or burrowing animals.

So, if you’re sure that the mounds are because of wild animals or insects, then you need to rely on experts to take care of this problem. Using chemical insecticides is never the correct course of action as it also kills the beneficial worm activity in the soil.

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