3 Handy Tricks To Keep Turkeys Out Of Flower Beds

how to keep turkeys out of flower beds
how to keep turkeys out of flower beds

These days, it is not unusual to see a flock of turkeys end up in your garden. These turkeys are usually drawn towards any populated neighborhood as they are in search of mates and food sources. Even though there are some people who adore the sight of wild turkeys, some find them a complete nuisance.

How To Keep Turkeys Out Of Flower Beds?

We have been hearing individual complaints about wild turkeys ending up in their flower beds. Most usually, people don’t have any idea about how they can deal with wildlife in their garden.

If you are also someone who is wondering about how to keep turkeys out of your own flower beds, then you’d be delighted to know that there are certain things that you can do to keep them in control. Here are the things that you can do:

1. Don’t Let The Wild Turkeys Feed

The problem with any wild animal coming to your garden usually starts when someone starts feeding them. Just like any other wildlife, turkeys can also start feeding on any food source that they find, including flower beds.

So, the very first step that you can take in order to avoid these turkeys from further feeding into your garden is to eliminate any food source near the garden. From unattended garbage to bird seeds, you will have to remove any such food source which might be acting as the main attraction point for the turkeys.

2. Scare Away the Birds

If you are fed up with the wild turkey problem, you will have to show signs of dominance to the turkeys by simply scaring them off. Using any means of scare should give turkeys the idea that they are no longer welcome here.

There are dozens of ways on how you can scare these birds away including the use of sprinklers, fireworks, dogs, or making any sudden noise. However, do keep in mind that you might have to repeat the process a couple of times before it starts showing any effect.

3. Try Building a Fence

While turkeys can indeed fly, building a fence near the flower beds can still be quite helpful as turkeys don’t usually fly in tighter spots or fenced areas unless they are really hungry. Along with building a fence, you will have to make sure that you have removed sources of food from the garden.

The Bottom Line:

Wondering how to keep turkeys out of flower beds? Even if the main source of attraction for turkeys are food source, there are still quite a number of ways on how you can repel the wild animals from your precious garden. To learn more about them, be sure to refer to the article above.

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