How To Keep Petunias From Getting Leggy? Try These 4 Tips

how to keep petunias from getting leggy
how to keep petunias from getting leggy

Petunias are known around the world for their ease of care. The plants also have a high tolerance towards drought and heat due to which gardeners do not have to worry about bright sun or less water intake by the flowering plant. Petunias have a bright color palette like red, purple, yellow, navy blue, clay, sandbank, and the spectrum goes on.

With that said, the gardeners often struggle with petunias getting leggy. They do not look appealing to the eye as it seems as if all the blossom of the flower lies at the end of the bare and long stem. Let’s learn how to keep petunias from getting leggy.

How To Keep Petunias From Getting Leggy?

1. Soil Quality

The quality of soil plays a very crucial role when it comes to the health of plants. Petunias become leggy if they are provided with poor-quality soil. These flower plants do not get sufficient nutrients from the soil due to which they become weak. The flowering plant becomes droopy and leggy. It eventually dies with the period of time.

Therefore, providing the petunias with good quality soil is important to keep the flowers from getting leggy. Change the soil of the plant to a healthier and better quality soil. the good quality soil will provide the plant with all the essential nutrients to help thrive in the summers.

2. Exposure To The Sunlight

Sunlight is also very important for the survival of petunias. Petunias love a strong and good exposure to light. Therefore, ensure that the plant receives about 6 to 7 hours of sunlight per day for better growth. also, if they are planted at a place where there is not enough exposure to the sunlight, then reposition them to a place where they can get the required amount of sunlight. This is because if the petunias are not provided with the required hours of sunlight, they are not able to complete the food reactions in their body. This leads to weak and leggy petunias. The plant becomes so weak that it dies eventually.

3. Water Intake

Like many plants, petunias also require water for their survival. Even though the plant is drought-resistant, it still requires a specific amount of water. If you over-water your petunias, the plant will look wilted. If you water the plant despite previous water provided to them is not fully absorbed by the plants, the petunias will drown. The leaves will become brown and droopy. In such a case, it is not possible to save them as they will die soon.

4. Fertilizer Intake

Mostly, petunias require fertilizers after every week to ensure better growth. if you have planted your petunias yourself, then it is suggested that you trim off the edges and provide the plant with water-soluble fertilizer after every week. This will make sure that the plant grows efficiently and gets all the basic necessities for its proper growth. However, make sure that you do not add too many fertilizers as they will burn the roots and destroy the plants.

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