Can You Use A Flower Pot With No Drainage Holes? (Answered)

flower pot no drainage holes
flower pot no drainage holes

Aside from the potting mixture and the watering schedule, it is crucial to keep the type of container under consideration. There are many types of pots that people use for their plants, but you will often notice experts recommending pots with drainage holes. These drainage holes are quite important and help with maximizing the moisture inside the potting soil without damaging the roots.

However, we have noticed many gardeners talk about a flower pot with no drainage holes. So, let’s go over this topic briefly to help you with a better understanding.

Flower Pot No Drainage Holes

Even though using a pot with drainage holes brings optimal benefits to the table, you can still grow plants in a pot with no drainage holes. You will just have to keep a few things under consideration to avoid root damage, and your plant will grow at a sufficient rate. So, if you’re a beginner, it is likely your plants will end up dying within a few weeks if you don’t follow the proper care techniques. In this situation, try seeking help from an expert or get the flowering pot replaced by the gardening store.

With that said, to grow plants in a flower pot with no drainage holes, start by managing the amount of water you provide to the plants. You should always remain within the plant requirements and don’t go overboard with increasing the moisture in the soil. As there is nowhere for the water to go, it keeps collecting on the bottom and damages the roots of the plant. So, to avoid that, you will have to take note of the plant requirements and always provide sufficient water to the plant.

If your flowering pot is somewhat deep, try filling the bottom layer with a drainage medium. This includes pebbles and stones that cover up sufficient mass of the pot and allow the water to run through them. So, even if you provide excess water by mistake, the water will collect beneath the potting soil, and the plant roots will remain free from damage. However, if your flowering pot is small, then it can be pretty challenging to avoid root damage in your plants.

Ideally, managing the water supply should be sufficient to encourage the growth of the plant. But if you provide excessive water even once, it can have long-term effects on the plant and its growth.

To Conclude

It is pretty tricky to sustain the growth of your plants in a container with no drainage holes. The water in this container keeps on collecting at the bottom of the plant and damages the root because there is nowhere for the water to go. The root damage can have a devastating impact on the plant and stun its growth in the long run.

So, you should either focus extensively on managing the amount of water you provide the plant or use a layer of drainage medium where you put pebbles on the bottom of the pot to provide a space for water to stay. Other than that, you can’t really do much about the container, and it is indeed easier to get a container with drainage holes.

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