Why Are My Vinca Leaves Yellow? 3 Possible Reasons

vinca yellow leaves
vinca yellow leaves

Vinca is one of the most famous flowers that people plant in their gardens. The main reason for this is how easy it is to keep the flower maintained. This is drought resistant which means that the plant will survive even if you don’t water it.

Additionally, the flowers can grow not only in sunlight, but you can also keep them healthy in partial shade or complete shade. Talking about this, one thing to note about vinca is that it has tons of varieties.

While some of these include having different colors and sizes, some types are quite different. With that being said, vinca is an amazing flower but there are also some issues that you can run into. One common problem is that the vinca leaves start turning yellow.

Reasons For Vinca Yellow Leaves

  1. Excess Water in Soil

Vinca plants have a bright green color on their leaves that look beautiful. This is why if you notice that the color of the leaves has started to change into a yellowish color then there is a high chance that the plant is dying. There can be several reasons for this but one of the most common ones includes the soil having excess water. As mentioned above, vinca is a plant that can survive if you don’t water it daily.

However, it is still important that you water the flower frequently to keep it healthy. The soil around the plant being moist is enough to keep it blossoming. Although, another thing that you should note is that any extra water content on your plant will start suffocating it. Considering this, you should leave a passage for all the extra water in your soil to escape.

This will ensure that the soil remains moist while the extra water is removed from the plant. Other than this, keeping a check over your plant is also important as the passage can get blocked easily and water will start collecting again. You can also make a habit of watering the flower occasionally instead of doing it regularly to avoid it getting damaged.

  1. Fertilizers in Soil

Another common reason why the leaves of your vinca plant might be turning yellow can be that it is not getting proper nutrients. There are tons of ways that a flower can keep itself healthy. This includes taking water and nutrients from the soil and converting sunlight into its food. Although, when it comes to vinca, you should note that the plant can survive without water and sunlight.

Considering this, the flower must get enough nutrients from the soil you have planted it in. If the location, you have put your vinca in does not have healthy soil then this can cause problems for it. Not only will the leaves turn yellow, but your flower will eventually die. This is why you should put fertilizers on the soil to keep it healthy.

This will ensure that the soil gets all the extra nutrients required to keep your plant alive. You might have to test around with different types of fertilizers before finding the best one. Though, make sure that you select the product from a brand that is known for making good-quality fertilizers. Other than this, spreading the chemicals once a month is more than enough to keep the flowers in the best shape possible.

  1. Direct Sunlight

Finally, one more reason why the leaves on a vinca plant can turn yellow is if you have not put the flower in an optimal location. You should note that the plant can survive even if you put it under shade but one thing that people forget is that direct sunlight can be dangerous for these flowers.

This can cause your plant to start drying out and eventually die. Considering this, make sure that you put the flower under shade or partial shade instead. This also helps in getting a better shade of green on the leaves. On the other hand, if the vinca flowers stay under the partial shade then they will blossom more. You can easily select one of these options depending on what your preferences are.

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