3 Cause For The Sudden Death Of Vinca Plants

vinca sudden death
vinca sudden death

Vinca is one of the most popular flowering plants that people grow in their gardens. This is easy to maintain which is why tons of people decide to go with them. However, you should note that there are also some problems that you can run into with the plant. People often complain that their vinca starts dying.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of reasons for the sudden death of the vinca flower as well as some solutions that can be used. If you’ve noticed these little plants dying quickly without any apparent cause in your garden, just check the reasons listed below to get an idea of what might be going on and how you could deal with it.

Reasons For The Sudden Death Of Vinca Plants

  1. Vinca Plant Affected by Fungus

The vinca plant getting a sudden death can be quite worrisome because of how strong it is. The plant can usually withstand the harshest conditions without any problem and still keep itself healthy. Considering this, one of the most common reasons why an issue like this can appear is if your vinca plant has been affected by fungus.

This is a specific type of fungus that is often referred to as vinca sudden death. While this does not spread easily on its own, you should note that rain or sprinkling water over the soil can sometimes hit the fungus spores. This causes it to splash itself over the plant and affect it. The fungus will then start spreading over the plants that causing it to kill them within 1 to 2 days.

This can be quite annoying, but you should note that there is also a new variety of vinca that has gotten resistant to this fungus. The type is known as Cora but the seeds for this plant can be quite expensive. Considering this, another way to prevent your vinca from sudden death is that you use a fungicide.

These chemicals are made specially to stop fungus from affecting your plants. Although, the main issue with them is that you have to start using the fungicide right after planting the seeds. As long as you keep the soil wet with a mixture of this chemical and water then your plant should grow healthy and get resistant to the dangerous fungus.

  1. Water Content in Soil

One of the best things about vinca is that they are resistant to drought. This means that the plants and flowers can even survive with little to no water. However, it is still recommended that you water the plant so that it can grow as healthy as possible.

Talking about this, one important thing to keep in mind is that the flower can only consume little amounts of water. This is why only keeping the soil around it moist is required. If you start watering the plant too much, then water will start gathering around and beneath the soil. This can be quite dangerous as excess water can suffocate the plant and cause it to die quickly.

The easiest way to prevent this problem is by leaving a small passage or escape route for excess water. Once the soil has gotten moist, all the extra water will then leave from the passage you have created. Your vinca plants can then stay healthy without making you worry about them dying.

  1. Condition Of Soil

Finally, one more reason why your vinca might get a sudden death is if the condition of the soil is not proper. You should note that these flowers take nutrients from the soil they are planted in to keep themselves healthy. If the flower is not receiving proper nutrients, then it will start getting weak and eventually die.

Considering this, one easy way to prevent this is by using fertilizers on your ground. It is recommended that you spray these over the soil in your garden once a month. The nutrients in fertilizers ensure that your plants stay healthy at all times and blossom even more.

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  1. I have grown Vinca all my life, and have had beautiful containers in Florida, but all of a sudden I see bees, not honey bees around the greenery, and the leaves are falling off?


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