How Does Vinca Spread? (A Detailed Guide)

how does vinca spread
how does vinca spread

Some plants spread on their own while others require you to do this manually. If you want the plant all around your garden, then ensuring that you use the correct method to spread it is essential. Talking about this, vinca is one of the most famous flowers that people love growing in their homes, which you can also spread automatically if you know how to.

That’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing today. Lots of people have asked, “how does vinca spread?” due to this flower’s popularity, and we’re here to provide an answer. Read through the details below to learn more about vinca itself and how it (as well as some of its main variations) can spread.

How Does Vinca Spread?

If you are someone who loves vinca flowers, then you might wonder “How does the plant spread?”. The answer for this usually depends on what type of vinca you are thinking about planting in your home. There are several types of vinca but the major categories that you will notice are just two. One of these is vinca annual or major while the other is known as vinca minor. Depending on which one you decide to plant, the process to spread them will vary.

How Does Vinca Minor Spread?

The vinca minor plants usually go within the range of 6 to 8 inches which is quite low. This makes the plant a ground hugger which means that you can usually plant it on wooden structures to give an aesthetic look. When it comes to this type of vinca spreading, you should note that the plant does this on its own.

The roots will keep spreading and trailing over the area you have placed them on. You can then cut the additional roots occasionally to prevent the plant from spreading. However, if you want it to spread then you only need to keep it healthy and ensure that it is getting the sunlight required.

How Does Vinca Major Spread?

The second type of vinca plant that most people grow is vinca major. These plants can grow up to 16 inches and the flower is on top of it. This type of vinca looks beautiful and it comes in different colors that you can select from. However, when it comes to this plant spreading, you should note that this process can only be done manually.

While there is a small chance of the seed from this flower falling and then making another plant, you should note this is quite rare. Instead of it, the user has to root the plants in manually and then keep watering them throughout the winters. This helps in growing the roots and plants so that the flower can blossom when spring starts. Once the season is over, the flower will die and require you to plant it again.

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