How To Use A Peanut Shell As Fertilizer?

peanut shell as fertilizer
peanut shell as fertilizer

Eggshells and many other items from your household can be used as fertilizer in your yard. So, if you’re struggling to maintain the efficiency of your garden and need more nutrients in the soil, then it is a good option to learn about different things you can add to the soil to improve nutrition.

With that said, there have been multiple queries regarding the use of peanut shells as fertilizer. If you’re confused about whether or not you should use the peanut shells in your soil the following solutions should help.

Peanut Shell As Fertilizer 

Even though peanut shells are a great source of fiber, you just can’t use them as fertilizer for your garden. The main point of focus for fertilizer is the enhanced decomposition rate. On the other hand, you will notice a slow and stalled decomposition rate while using peanut shells as fertilizer. So, if you were thinking of adding peanut shells to the soil, there are better and more effective alternatives available on the market.

While the fiber content brought by peanut shells is important for the health of your plant, you won’t be able to necessarily protect the plants against transplant shock or other diseases with peanut shells. You need a more solid option that will decompose quickly and provide the necessary nutrients to the soil. So, you should keep this information in mind if you’re struggling to maintain the health of your garden.

With that said, peanut shells will help with the oxygen and fiber content in the soil. So, if your plants are suffering from oxygen deficiency, then a good way to aerate the soil is by introducing some peanut shells in the potting mixture. That way, there will be sufficient air pockets in the container, and you won’t have to worry about the lack of oxygen in your potting mixture.

Similarly, peanut shells are quite effective when you’re using them as mulch on top of your plants. Other than that, these shells don’t really boost the growth of your plants or enhance the nutrition content in the soil. So, you should never rely on the peanut shells as your first option if your plants are suffering from transplant shock or any other disease. Hopefully, this will help you better manage the growth of your garden in the long run.

To Conclude

Using peanut shells as fertilizer is not a viable option as the decomposition rate of these shells is quite slow. So, the nutrition content of the soil won’t boost by a substantial margin after you add peanut shells to the mix. On the other hand, relying on different fertilizers from the market will guarantee you quick results because of the fast decomposition rate.

The only situation where you should prefer the use of peanut shells in the soil is when you need to boost the fiber and oxygen content in the setup. Other than that, you won’t be able to achieve much by adding peanut shells to the soil. So, you need to look towards other options on how to improve the nutrition content of the soil.

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