5 Actionable Steps To Protect Potted Plants From Rats

how to protect potted plants from rats
how to protect potted plants from rats

Imagine a potted plant you worked so hard to grow, destroyed by a rat. Rats are the ultimate enemies when it comes to plants potted in your garden. They eat up the leaves and flowers. This results in a destroyed plant along with a risk of various diseases. therefore, you would never want amice near your potted plant. There are a few natural ways that you can use to solve your mystery of “how to protect potted plants from rats?” You should not use pests as they are harmful to your plant’s health. Also, they can be dangerous for your pets in the house.

How To Protect Potted Plants From Rats?

1. Replace The Mulch

No doubt, the mulch is a great way to prevent weed growth as well as protect the plants from flying enemies. However, they are also an open invitation to the rats as they drive their attention a lot. Therefore, mulch is not an option if you have a problem with rats coming to your garden and destroying your potted plants. Instead, you can use wood chips. This is because the wood chips do not allow the rats to bury them inside the pot by digging holes into the soil.

2. Mint

If you place mint near your potted plant, it will keep the rats away from your plant. This is because the smell of the mint acts as a natural thread to the rats and they do not come near it. You can also plant the mint in any pot nearby. In this way, you will have a natural mint every time as well as your plants will be protected from the rats.

3. Solar Rappelers

Solar rappelers are a great way to protect your potted plants from the danger of rats. These rappelers use ultrasonic radiations and produce sound vibrations that are high enough for the rats to stay away from the area. Also, as they work on the energy from the sunlight, therefore, they are environment friendly and won’t risk the lives of your plants or your pets.

4. Plant Herbs

Another natural method to keep the rats away from your beautiful potted plants is by planting herbs. Just like mint, the smell of herbs also acts as a natural thread to the rats and they prefer staying away from the herbs. You can plant thyme, basil, and garlic easily in a pot. If you place these herbs near your potted plants, the rats will not be able to smell anything but herbs. As a result, they will think that your pots have nothing to offer and stay away from them.

5. Mouse Traps

The oldest method to keep the rats away is by using mouse traps. There are various kinds of mouse traps available in the market. However, not all of these traps work efficiently. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you choose the trap that traps the mouse and suffocates it. In this way, the mouse will not be able to run away from the trap. As result, you will not have a risk of the rats coming back to destroy your potted plants.

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