3 Methods To Deal With Bobcat 331 Warning Lights

bobcat 331 warning lights
bobcat 331 warning lights

Depending upon the size of your farm, owning a skid steer can be far better than a tractor. The best thing about a skid steer is that this machine is quite compact and easy to maneuver. On top of that, you can clearly see the hydraulic arms and their operation through the windshield. On the other hand, your vision is blocked to a greater extent when you’re in a tractor. People run into different issues while using heavy machinery on their farms. Many users have recently been complaining about warning lights on their Bobcat 331. If you’re in a similar situation, then follow these steps.

Bobcat 331 Warning Lights Indications

1. Check the Sensors

It is not that rare for faulty sensors to cause issues with the warning lights on your system. So, if you’re sure that the unit is in perfect shape and the warning light is flashing, then you should look to inspect the sensor for possible damage. Start by checking the wiring connections with the sensor. You can also use an external battery source to verify the integrity of a sensor. If the sensor doesn’t work with an external battery source, then you should install a replacement immediately.

However, if there is nothing wrong with the sensor and it’s working perfectly, you need to call in an expert. In these situations, relying on your local mechanics is the best option as they can eliminate the issue immediately. So, depending upon the type of warning light on your unit, it is mostly better to seek professional help. Otherwise, there is a good chance you will end up creating further issues for the electrical components in your skid steer.

2. Check Coolant Levels

Overheating and a lack of maintenance can also cause similar problems in your skid steer. If you’re also hearing an alarm, go off along with the warning lights, then you should take immediate action. Start by managing the coolant issue first to ensure that the unit doesn’t overheat during operations. This should temporarily fix the overheating issue while you investigate the source of this problem.

Most often than not, this issue presents itself for users that don’t give proper attention to the maintenance of their machine. If you’re in a similar boat, then it might be best to modify your schedule to add monthly maintenance breaks for the unit. It will save you a lot of money in the long run if you just spare a few hours of your time.

3. Check Hydraulic Unit

Lastly, the warning light issues in Bobcat 331 can be traced back to hydraulic issues in your machine. So, you will have to use a hydraulic tester to find the errors in the unit. If you don’t have a hydraulic tester in your house, try other troubleshooting methods first.

These methods include changing the filter in the unit, checking the fluid levels in the reservoir, and managing the pressure inside the valves. If you’re lucky, then the problem will be fixed at this stage, and you won’t have to bother with calling a mechanic.

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