4 Most Common Bobcat Steering Problem

bobcat steering problem
bobcat steering problem

Bobcat constructed the world’s first-ever skid steer loader and holds on a heritage of more than 60 years of manufacturing-leading excellence, performance, and trustworthiness.

Unsurprisingly they are the world’s top-selling skid-steer loaders.

Bobcat is considered to be the best skid steer company in the market.

The skid steer company is known for its high-quality machines that are specialized in providing you with power, speed, and, most importantly, control of the movements of the skid steer loaders.

The Bobcat skid steers can be used for lifting heavy weights and carrying them from one place to another.

These skid steers can be used in construction sides or landscape areas to get the job done much quicker and easier.

Customers use Bobcat skid-steer machinery and technologies to achieve more in structure building, cultivation, landscape gardening, leasing, field maintenance, services, and other applications.

The new Bobcat skid-steer is built with wireless communication and is connected to the owner’s portal.

You can simply and assuredly observe and manage your fleet from anywhere, having critical knowledge to solve issues, plan service, or increase security or gear.

Telematics offers superior control over the gear of the fleet.

Radars in the equipment screen give important information about the loader, including activating a critical service code, fuel consumption, the number of hours the machine has been used, and the place of the machines.

Sensors gather this information and deliver it through a wireless cellular network to an internet-linked device, so holders or sellers can see it and make choices.

Telematics help provides their owners with greater and better information access about the machine.

The steering of the machine allows you to control every movement of your machine. Without the steering, any vehicle, be that Bobcat loader, skid steer, or any other car or truck, is entirely useless.

A properly functioning steering allows the driver to safely and precisely steer the vehicle while significantly reducing the driver’s effort for moving the loader.

It converts its rotatory movement to produce an angular turn for the wheels and absorbs jerks from being transmitted to the driver’s hands.

With that said, many people are complaining about the Bobcat steering problems, which, although it may not sound like it, is a big issue and should be addressed as soon as possible.

It can readily reduce the Bobcat loader/ skid steer efficiency and cause accidents if left unsolved.

If you are also having problems regarding the Bobcat steering, we will help you fix it by providing you with possible solutions to such issues. Continue reading, so you can identify the problems by yourself.

Bobcat Steering Problem

  1. Difficulty In Turning The Steering

Usually, the Bobcat skid steer comes with very smooth power steering so that the driver does not face any problems while driving the skid steer.

There are two control arms, left and right. The right arm is specified to control the right, and the left arm for turning the wheels to the left.

Hard Steering Wheel Problems

Both of them are used together to move the skid steer forward or backward.

However, if the steering is not turning smoothly, especially when you are driving the vehicle at low speed, an issue must be suspected. A low-power steering fluid or a fluid leak primarily causes such a problem.

It may also be caused by worn parts if it’s been a long since you purchased the machine and you are using it routinely without giving adequate service.

The fluid is used to transmit power to the steering system. A fluid leak in the power steering must be thoroughly inspected to source and resolve the issue.

If your steering is hard to turn and you suspect the leakage of fluid, look for other signs: small pools under the loader with a burnt marshmallow smell, a siren-like whining sound when you turn the loader, and finally, low levels of fluid.

All of these signs will confirm the leakage.

To check if the problem is due to low fluid, it is recommended to check the manual to solve the problem correctly.

On the other hand, if the problem is due to a leakage of fluid, then get help from a mechanic so that he can fix the leak.

You can prevent these leaks from occurring and steering to not run into turning problems by flushing or replacing the bobcat steering fluid every 50,000 miles or when the oil becomes dark brown or black in color.

Keeping your oil clean like this will prevent sludge and debris from accumulating in, causing clogging, leaking, and other steering problems.

  1. Loose Bobcat Steering

With the Bobcat skid steer a common issue is loose steering. The loose steering will cause your loader to overturn when you turn the steering, resulting in more significant movement than you intend to cause.

Steering Wheel Spinning Too Easily

You may also feel your vehicle move sideways at higher speeds with loose steering and hear a knocking sound while passing over the speed breaker.

However, replacing the belt or the steering box is highly recommended if it’s the cause of your loose steering, as it is the only long-term solution to the problem.

Also, it will ensure the proper functioning of the belt and, ultimately, your steering system.

  1. Bobcat Steering Shaking

If the steering is too wobbly and you are not able to control the machine, especially at high speed, it is possible that such a situation is due to poor alignment.

Damaged wheel bearings, ball joints, and worn suspension components can also cause it. In all of these cases, it is hazardous and needs to be fixed immediately.

The wobbling of the steering just as the speed of the loader increases from 45 miles per hour indicates the issue lies in the balance of the wheels or the suspension components.

Inspect your skid steer’s tires and suspension components to diagnose the problem. If the tires are damaged, you need to replace them with a new one.

On the other hand, if the culprit of such a problem is poor alignment, then it is suggested to ask for help from a mechanic. He will help you solve the problem by fixing the steering alignment.

  1. Tie Rod Damaged

Another reason for the steering problem can be a damaged tie rod. A tie rod is an essential part of the Bobcat steering system and connects the steering gear to the front wheels.

Tie rods can get damaged due to harsh conditions and normal wear and tear. The wheel does not remain in the same line in such a case. Instead, it wanders in a different direction while you drive. 

This dangerous situation must be fixed as soon as possible. Due to a damaged tie rod, you may have suspension problems and looseness of the steering wheel.

In such cases, it is suggested that you contact the mechanic as soon as possible to resolve this problem. The only way out for a damaged tie rod is to replace it, which will cost you around $200 to $350, including the labor costs.

Replacement is essential, as the longer you leave it unfixed, the more dangerous the problem gets, as it may also lead to severe accidents.

Final Thoughts

The Bobcat skid steer is amazingly powerful and gives its users complete control over the vehicle.

It is a highly versatile loader with excellent attachments and tools that provide its user with various features such as heavy loading, time-saving, and more efficiency. It can undertake major tasks with professional results.

They provide many attachments such as wheel chops, tree shovels, spreaders, and angle brushes. All these attachments will change your skid loader into a highly versatile machine.

Along with all these attachments, the productivity of the bobcat loader significantly increases.

However, with all these activities being done routinely, your bobcat loader may run into problems just like any other machine. If your Bobcat machine is facing steering problems, then it is highly recommended to get it fixed, as it can lead to severe problems in the long run.

These problems may include loose or shuddering steering, immobile steering, or damage to the tie rod. Whatever the problem is, it must be addressed before continuing the use.

It is necessary to avoid using the Bobcat skid steer to do the heavy lifting as well as the transportation of the heavyweights if the steering is not working efficiently. 

Finally, we have provided you with all the possible solutions to the problems related to your steering system of the Bobcat skid steer. We hope that these solutions help you fix your machine.

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