3 Vinca Minor Ground Cover Problems (And Solutions)

vinca minor ground cover problems
vinca minor ground cover problems

Vinca is one of the most famous types of flowers that people plant in their gardens. Not only do the flowers look beautiful but they are also easy to maintain. The plants are drought-resistant which means that they can survive even when they get as little water as possible.

While it is possible to grow healthy vinca without watering the flower. You should note that it is still better that you keep it watered. Talking about this, the vinca minor is a type of vinca that is used as a ground cover.

However, there are also some problems that you can run into with it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common issues that you can run into along with ways to fix them. These should help you in ensuring that the vinca minor ground cover problems you get are dealt with as soon as possible.

Vinca Minor Ground Cover Problems

  1. Plant Starts Drying Out

One of the best things about vinca minor is how easy it is to keep the plant maintained. Although, there is still a chance that your flowers might start dying which is why you must plant them in an optimal spot. A common problem that people get with the vinca minor is that it starts drying out. There are several reasons for this but one of the most common ones is the position of your plant.

The flower is known for staying healthy in sunlight, partial shade as well as complete shade. This is why people often plant the flower without thinking about how light will affect it. When it comes to this, you should note that a vinca minor can easily survive even if it is planted under complete shade. On the other hand, if the flower starts coming in contact with direct sunlight, then it can start to dry out.

This is why you should plant your vina in partial shade where it can access some light while also having shade to keep itself healthy. Because these plants are used as ground cover, you can put them over an area that has dry shade.

  1. Vinca Flowers Not Growing

Another common issue that people using vinca minor as the ground cover report is that the flowers growing are either not healthy or these are not growing at all. Both of these problems can be quite annoying which is why it is best that you first identify what exactly is causing them.

The user can start by checking the condition of the soil where the flower has been planted. Keep in mind that the steps mentioned above can also be responsible for this problem which is why you should go through them as well. If the soil you have planted your vinca minor in is not getting proper drainage, then all the excess water can kill your plant.

Vinca minor is a drought-resistant plant that can even survive with little to no amount of water. While it is better that you keep the soil around it moist, it is also essential that you leave a way for all the liquid to escape. If the water starts gathering over the soil, then this will eventually kill your vinca minor ground cover plants.

  1. Plants Not Spreading in Ground Cover

Finally, one last problem that people using vinca minor as a ground cover report is that the plant is not spreading properly. The main reason why these flowers are used as ground cover is because of how easily they spread around your garden. Although, if you notice that the roots are too weak to spread then there is something wrong with your ground. Usually, vinca minor can stay healthy even if the soil beneath it has a low amount of nutrients.

However, if you want your plant to thrive and spread all around the ground and cover it then using fertilizers is important. This will not only help the plant in spreading easily but also makes the flowers bloom at a faster rate. Fertilizers can make your garden look beautiful as long as you keep feeding the soil frequently. In most cases, using fertilizers once a month can help in getting the best results possible.

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