3 Things You Should Try To Fix Overwatered Vinca

overwatered vinca
overwatered vinca

Gardeners enjoy filling their houses with flowers because these make them look beautiful. On top of this, some flowers even have unique fragrances that make them amazing. Most beginners decide to purchase vinca plants as these are not only cheap but also easy to maintain.

On top of this, the flowers on vinca also look beautiful and you can select from several color options available. Vinca is an annual flower which is why it will only last you a single season. However, your garden will be filled with flowers throughout the season.

Talking about this, there are also some issues that you can run into with this plant. One common problem is that vinca being overwatered. If you are getting the same problem then going through this article should help you in fixing it.

Dealing With Overwatered Vinca

  1. Watering The Plant

Vinca is one of the easiest to maintain plants as these don’t require many nutrients to keep themselves healthy. One of the best things about vinca is that it is drought resistant. This means that the plant can survive even if you don’t water it.

However, this causes the flowers and leaves to get weak which can be quite annoying. This is why it is better that you keep your vinca flowers watered at all times. When it comes to this, there is an important thing that you need to keep in mind.

This is the process required to keep your vinca plants healthy. The only thing that you have to do is use enough water to make the soil around your flowers moist. Make sure that the soil remains moist enough to let the plant absorb all the nutrients from the soil surrounding it.

One more thing that you should note is that watering the soil is always the better option. If you try putting water on the plant instead then there is a high chance of it catching a fungus. Some of these can be quite dangerous as your entire vinca plant can die within days.

  1. Making Escape Passage for Water

If you follow the steps mentioned above, then there is a high chance that you can prevent your vinca flowers from getting overwatered. Although, if you notice that the problem is still appearing then you should observe the soil around your plant.

This is because water might be collecting inside the soil that can start suffocating your plant. The roots for vinca need air to breathe which can be easily blocked by water staying on top of it. Considering this, one of the best ways to ensure that the soil around your plant remains moist but no water collects around it is by creating an escape passage.

This can be a small tunnel that lets all the extra water exit the soil. If you set this up carefully then you will notice that no matter how much you water the vinca flowers, the excess liquid will always drain out. The process can help in ensuring that your vinca plants do not get overwatered.

  1. Problem With Soil

If you are still getting the same issue, then there is a high chance that the problem is not from your vinca getting overwatered but instead from your soil not contain any nutrients. This can be enough to kill the plant as it mainly relies on the soil around it.

You can easily prevent this problem by using special chemicals on your soil. These are also known as fertilizers, and these are nutrients that you can feed your soil. The powder or dirt will then get mixed with the soil and your plant can start using it as its food source.

This result makes the flowers healthy and fixes the problem, you were getting before. With that being said, you should also note that fertilizers mostly last a few weeks to months at times. Considering this you should do this once a month to prevent any serious issues. If you notice that your plants catch a fungus, then you can also use a fungicide to fix this.

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