8 Common New Holland TL90 Problems (With Solutions)

new holland tl90 problems
new holland tl90 problems

Tractors have revolutionized the world of agriculture ever since their launch. Farmers use tractors to traverse from places and for numerous other important applications in farming. There are many unique and different ways that tractors can help the farmers.

The market is replete with a number of tractor companies that offer reliable services to farmers. New Holland is a well-known tractor manufacturing company that stands out not only for its construction solutions but also for the agricultural ones. The services offered by the New Holland tractors are uncanny.

Their top-of-the-line tractors are powerful enough to perform multiple agricultural tasks. With New Holland tractors, the implementation of different farming techniques, including plowing, cultivating, and harvesting, is easy.

Of all the models of New Holland, TL90 has been ranked as one of the most popular ones. Its efficiency results from the features it flaunts.

However, it’s not free of problems. Reading the reviews on New Holland TL90 has revealed that users have come across plenty of problems while using this tractor.

Therefore, farmers are often confused about the purchase of TL90. In this article, we will address the most common problems associated with this model and present easy fixes for those issues.

Common New Holland TL90 Problems

  1. Power Take-Off Light Problem

New Holland TL90 tractor faces a regular issue where it fails to detect the problem with the take-off light signal. As a result, the tractor starts falling apart.

The power take-off light is responsible for showing most of the diagnostic codes and signs if the engine is worn out. It is an indication of the fact that soon the flow of hydraulic oil in the engine will start.

The worst thing about this issue is that the user cannot detect it. You might not even know the drop of oil gauge to dangerously low levels. It can lead to more complicated tractor issues.

The cause behind the power take-off light getting overlooked is the shape of the led indicator . The solution to this problem is finding a bigger and brighter LED.

  1. Hydraulic Valve Breakdown

Hydraulic Valve Breakdown

The efficiency of the pump can decrease after a long day of labor. The cause of this inefficiency is the hydraulic compensator valve. The operation of the New Holland TL90 tractors requires a pump and valve.

The load sensing has the line control valves, which are causing the problem mostly. This problem requires repair. The good news is that many mechanics are adept at the identification and repairing of valve problems.

But this solution is only temporary because the operation of the machine with the deteriorating hydraulic valves results in the failure of the hydraulic system. The best you can do while purchasing New Holland TL90 is to double-check the pressure on spools to make sure that the valves are fine.

  1. Faulty Engine

Faulty Engine

The performance of New Holland TL90 tractors is outstanding at first, but as time passes, a lot of mechanical flaws start appearing. In most cases, the fuel entering the engine is not of good quality, and thus a fuel filter with a little impurity causes the display of an error code.

There is no doubt about the excellency of the engine’s architecture in the New Holland TL90, but it is also quite sensitive. It means that the operation of the engine is ceased even when there is a little mistake.

Some of the circumstances that pose the damage to the engine have a deteriorated shaft sensor. As a result, the hydraulic fluid starts flowing into the engine, and the problem arises.

A simple fix to this problem is the change of fuel filters. But that’s not a permanent solution. There is a high chance that this issue might appear again in the near future, bringing you significant annoyance.

Apart from that, engine difficulties can also be caused by the combination of the temperature sensor and the shaft sensor.

  1. Brake Issues

Brake Issues

Brakes are usually the weakest features in New Holland TL90 tractors. If you want them to survive for long periods of time, you have to drive them carefully.

On the other hand, they collapse under constant abuse. Discs grinding down to the metals score the axle casings, and you need to replace the entire system.

When the tank suffers a decrease in the braking fluid, it is a clear sign that the target is being approached. Replacing the complete kit can get very costly as it demands an expenditure of $1800.

Besides, the procedure continues for as long as 15 hours. The effective measure for these tractors is the back-end filtering. In this way, the possible long-term harm from the debris and dirt is averted.

Experts have devised certain discs that are bound to be way more durable. The lifespan of all the brake parts is limited, so you need to keep servicing them. If the service doesn’t work, you have to replace them with new ones.

Sometimes you might smell the burning smell from the torn brake calipers. Replace them as soon as possible.

  1. Transmission Shifting Problems

Transmission Shifting Problems

Your tractor is likely to have transmission shifting problems if you hear a weird clunking or whining noise. The reason behind this problem is the breaking down of transmission fluid. This fluid is responsible for adding lubrication to the components of the tractor and gears.

As the time proceeds, there is a significant loss in the protective properties of the fluid. It is unable to resist friction. The potential damage to the transmission system is caused by this very friction. Another cause behind the noise is the low level of transmission fluid.

If you observe that the level of transmission fluid is not upto the recommended level, add more of it. As soon as you diagnose the problem with the transmission shifting, get in touch with the mechanic right away.

  1. Steering Wheel Rotating Automatically

Steering Wheel Rotating Automatically

The alignment in the tires of the tractors is caused by the suspension system. Only the well-aligned tires are able to meet the pavement of the road evenly.

This alignment can get disturbed by rough driving and road turbulence. Steering wheel issues mainly arise from the problem in the alignment of the tires.

Performing a wheel alignment service can solve this problem. Stuck brake calipers are another cause of the automatic rotation of the steering wheel.

The brake pads are held by the brake calipers, which sometimes because stuck or seized. As a result, handling troubles arise, and the steering wheel gets stuck.

Suspension is what connects the tractor with the tires. This suspension can get problematic and pose issues to the steering wheel. It is better to contact a professional mechanic to help you inspect the exact nature of this issue.

  1. Diesel Motor Problems

Diesel Motor Problems

In New Holland TL90 tractors, the problems with diesel motor are pretty common. They require you to keep the in-tank vent from clogging. Protect the suction line so that there is no chance of any air leak. There is a high chance that dirt is accumulated inside the injector that needs to be cleaned.

  1. White Smoke

White Smoke

The most common cause behind the white smoke coming from the exhaust is the failure of injectors. An incorrectly burning diesel fuel can also cause the release of white smoke.

The fuel that is unburned makes its way from the exhaust. The white smoke causes irritation to the eyes and skin.

To fix this problem, make sure you correct the faulty injection timing. You also need to fix the damaged timing gear. Check the cylinder liners and rings as well. Make sure they are in good shape.

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  1. Hi I would like to ask you a question regarding #7 on the list. Last summer while shredding I started having short 20 seconds of lowered rpms and lite smoking. Now it’s usually starts after 30 minutes of working but it’s not all the time. It will get so bad it will shut the tractor down. I can get it to restart and run good for a few minutes. Is this something that could be done by a regular person or best to get it done by a shop? TIA Reese


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