4 Common Arctic Cat 700 Diesel Problems

arctic cat 700 diesel problems
arctic cat 700 diesel problems

An ATV, also known as an All-Terrain vehicle is a very popular type of vehicle that is equipped with low-pressure tires. This may also be known as a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV). Unlike other vehicles, an ATV is mostly used in plenty of different terrains.

It is more well suited to places where you won’t be able to drive a car or bike. While ATV can mostly look like a four-wheeler bike, one distinguishing feature about it is that it is very stable. Also, an ATV runs quite slow compared to other vehicles.

Arctic Cat 700 Diesel Problems

We have seen a number of users facing multiple problems related to this specific model of ATV. However, the bigger problem is that most of them seem to face different kinds of problems. In order to solve these problems, one must first determine exactly what kind of problem he is facing. Only then can he move forward on fixing the problem.

Today, we will be focusing on the most common problems that you can face while operating Arctic Cat 700 diesel. All of the problems along with how you can solve them is given below:

  1. Low Performance

One of the biggest complaints that many users seem to have with this ATV is that it is a low performing vehicle. What most of these users don’t know is that the ATV is actually meant for farming purposes. This is one of the main reasons why the ATV does not exactly perform all that fast.

As a matter of fact, most ATVs don’t really run at very high speeds. This is even more true when it comes to farming ATVs. While they are not slow by any means, but you can’t expect to go racing on these vehicles.

  1. Engine Not Starting

Another common problem with these ATVs is that the engine will stop working all of a sudden. If that happens, then there are a number of things that you need to check before you can troubleshoot.

Engine not starting is most probably due to fuel tank hose or fuel filter being obstructed. It could also be because of a defective fuel lift pump, or a problem with the fuel solenoid. In either case, you will have to clean the vent hose, or try replacing the fuel filter, pump, as well as fuel solenoid. Performing these steps should most definitely fix the problem.

  1. Noisy Gear

Noisy gear is one particular problem that seems to be specific to this model of ATV. Anyway, it can occur due to different parts of your ATV acting up. Some of these parts include damaged bearing, worn-out gears, worn out splines, as well as improper tooth contact.

Fixing the problem will require you to replace the gears of the vehicle or try adjusting backlash and contacts. If that does not work, then what you will have to do is to replace the bearing, gears, and shaft depending on the condition of the ATV.

  1. Noisy Engine

Yet another problem that particularly appears on this model of ATV is that some weird noise starts coming up from the engine. When that happens, you will first have to determine precisely where the noise is coming from. If the noise is from the piston, then check the pistons, combustion chamber, piston pin, as well as piston rings. Replace, clean, or repair as required.

Likewise, if the noise is coming from the crankshaft instead, then you will need to check your ATV for worn-out bearings. If there are, then try replacing the bearings. Ideally, you would want to replace the whole crankshaft.

The Bottom Line

Mentioned above are the 4 common problems that you may face while operating an Arctic Cat 700 diesel. Ensure to refer to all of the instructions that we have written in the article. Doing so should help you avoid and fix in case you experience any of the common problems mentioned in the article.

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  1. My 07 700 diesel cat was sitting for a few years and no it will run and idle but won’t go more then Like 20kms and is bogging and smokes ..

  2. When the diesel shut off solenoid fails you have literally no way to turn off the engine as there is no diesel fuel valve. You can’t stall it as too much torque and I tried crimping the diesel fuel line coming from the top of the tank under the back seat that did not shut it off. I also tried pulling all the fuses under the seat to shut off the fuel pump inside the tank but nothing worked. Eventually after 8 hours the engine overheated, melted the alternator belt and the engine seized in a cloud of smoke.
    What a terrible design imagine you had an accident and the fuel shut off solenoid got damaged


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