6 Methods For Resolving John Deere Fuel Filter Problems

john deere fuel filter problems
john deere fuel filter problems

Many farmers opt for the John Deere machines. Most of them love its power output and comfort level, but some of them were upset about its fuel filter problems. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guideline that will help you in solving them.

How to Fix John Deere Fuel Filter Problems

1. Engine Starting Problems

The engine startup problems are faced by many consumers of John Deere. The reason that contributes to this problem is the blocked or dirty fuel filter. This is caused by using the wrong fuel type. Moreover, it can also result due to negligence of tuning and service on time. The fuel filter problem can also lead to many more issues.

Therefore, it should be addressed as soon as possible. To fix this problem all you have to do is to call the experts in the nearest customer service center and ask them to replace the fuel filter for you. As we know, replacing the fuel filter with the new one is costly. Hence, you should claim the warranty of your tractor and let the company fix it for you.

2. Check Light Problems

Due to the faulty fuel filter, a warning light appears. It is very annoying to see an extra light illuminated on the dashboard. Thus, to solve this, all you have to do is to use the OBD2 scanner, which will help you to detect the problems. You can also use the user manual to match the code displayed on the scanner. After diagnosing the problem, replace the fuel filter.

3. Engine Missing Problems

When the fuel filter is clogged and fuel is not supplied to the engine properly then you will face an engine misfiring problem. This problem can pop up anytime and cannot be fixed without replacing the fuel filter. It is because the fuel filter cleans the fuel and supplies the engine with the recommended amount of fuel. Therefore, if the fuel filter is clogged then the engine will not get the amount of fuel that it needs to run smoothly. As a result, the engine will misfire

4. Consumption Problems

On the other hand, due to a faulty fuel filter, the tractor’s fuel efficiency will reduce. It is because the faulty fuel filter will provide the engine with more fuel than required. Thus more fuel will be burnt, which will result in greater fuel consumption. Therefore, the fuel filter should be replaced as soon as possible.

5. Engine Output Problems

As we know, John Deere’s machines are powerful. Therefore, if you face any power loss experience then it cannot be ignored. Thus, if you observe power loss in John Deere then it is an indication that the fuel filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. Furthermore, you will only feel a power loss when going uphill or carrying a heavy load. The clogged air filter causes power loss because the filter is not able to fulfill the need of the engine.  It occurs because the fuel does not pass properly and the engine does not get the amount of fuel it needs.

6. Knocking Sound

Knocking is one of the most annoying issues that you will face when the air filter is clogged or defective. The defective fuel filter also leads to a knocking sound that comes from the engine. This sound is generated because the engine is not getting the fuel it needs to run. Thus, for this reason, you should always install boosters in the fuel tank to keep the fuel filter clean. Furthermore, if the filter is fully clogged then replace the filter as soon as possible.


The fuel filter makes the tractor’s engine run properly and smoothly. It cleans the fuel and supplies the engine with the amount of fuel it needs to run. If the fuel filter is clogged, or somehow the fuel does not pass properly through the filter, then the tractor will face some issues, which include:

  • Misfiring engine
  • Power loss
  • Knocking sound

These problems can lead further to more serious issues. Thus, always check for the fuel filter and replace it on time. Moreover, always use the correct fuel type that is recommended for your tractor by the company.

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