3 Merlo Telehandler Dash Warning Lights (With Meanings)

merlo telehandler dash warning lights
merlo telehandler dash warning lights

Telehandlers are multipurpose hydraulic lifting devices that are frequently employed in the building, farming, and agricultural industries.

Telehandlers simplify complex moving and lifting tasks on your construction site and replace a significant proportion of physical lifting, relieving pressure on your personnel and enhancing their safety. Their unique design allows them to carry large objects to considerable heights.

The four-wheel drive capability of a telehandler allows for both on- and off-road operation. To maintain the highest degree of on-site safety, telehandlers must only be handled by fully qualified and trained operators.

Unquestionably, a telehandler is a fantastic purchase and a helpful tool, particularly for industries!

Merlo – All You Need To Know

Amilcare Merlo founded Merlo SPA close to Cuneo, Italy, in 1964 and started making mobile construction machinery.

Through Designing, producing, and marketing its own products under the “Merlo” and “TreEmme” trademarks, the company has become a significant family-run industrial firm with a presence all across the world.

Merlo has kept up its substantial performance improvements, with 2.3 million square feet of space and 1,200 employees in Cuneo, Italy. By using automation, it continues to adhere to its guiding principle of producing as much as possible (92%) in-house.

The company aims to specialize in running machines while providing a wide range of products and being present all over the world.

In 1981, the SM series—the first Merlo’s telehandler—arrived. It introduced the new idea of combining the functionality of a forklift with the adaptability of a hydraulic telescopic boom crane and is still in use today across the world.

Since the introduction of that first telehandler, there have been numerous genuine innovations. There telehandlers are being used across the globe!

The dash warning lights on Merlo Telehandlers have recently started giving off to the customers. Therefore, this article will describe the root cause of each dash warning light and the most effective solutions, all with meanings. Let’s begin right away!

Merlo Telehandler Dash Warning Lights – Along With Meanings

To ensure the safety and well-being of your telehandler, it is crucial to pay attention to its dashboard warning lights.

Despite the fact that warning lights are something that no driver enjoys seeing, they are intended to let you know when there is a problem with your telehandler and frequently save you from doing expensive damage.

Although this may be the case, a lot of drivers are unaware of the exact meaning of each symbol and what to do in their presence. If you are one of them, continue reading!

  1. Warning Lights For Indicating Engine Oil

Warning Lights For Indicating Engine Oil

This warning light has a container-like appearance on the dashboard. When your telehandler’s oil pressure system malfunctions, it will display this warning on the dashboard.

One of two things is wrong: either you don’t have enough oil or your oil pump isn’t pumping out enough fluid to adequately lubricate the engine’s surfaces. This is a crucial warning that you should heed since poor engine lubrication can seriously harm your engine!

As soon as it’s safe to do so, pull over, turn off your car, and check your oil if it is too low! Check the engine compartment for any evident oil leaks before removing the oil dipstick. As a result, you must top it off. The light could turn off when you add more oil.

Maybe, it is because the oil needs to be replaced. You should change your engine’s oil to prevent the engine from breaking down.

  1. Warning Lights For Indicating Fuel Oil

Warning Lights For Indicating Fuel Oil

An alert relating to fuel is indicated by a little tank-shaped symbol. If you notice this type of warning light on your dashboard, fill up your tank at the closest fuel station immediately since it means that your fuel tank is almost empty.

Although this light often appears when the car has 20 to 30 kilometers left to go, you should still disregard it. It’s because traveling far over a long path is necessary to reach another fuel station.

  1. Warning Lights For Indicating Engine Temperature

Warning Lights For Indicating Engine Temperature

One of the most essential factors that every driver should keep in mind is engine temperature. Why? Because every time the temperature of your engine rises, this warning light illuminates.

As soon as you notice this light, it would be best if you completely stop driving since continuing to navigate would cause the engine to shut off.

Additionally, a hot engine may have an impact on your telehandler’s gasket. The cost of repairing one of these hazards is high. So, if your car is still covered by warranty, make a claim. You’ll avoid having to spend a lot of money.

The appearance of this indicator indicates an overheated engine. This could happen for a lot of reasons, but it most likely has to do with your coolant.

Do not open the hood until the engine has chilled for at least 15 minutes. Opening the hood while the engine is still hot might result in burns or other damage from steam or smoke. Plan your next course of action while you wait for the telehandler to cool down.

It’s a good idea to phone a roadside help company to get your coolant filled off or to get a tow to a local repair facility.

What If You Are Not Able Diagnose Warning Lights

If you can’t figure out the problem with the warning lights, you can try one of the following steps:

  • User Manual

User Manual

You shouldn’t be concerned if you can’t get the warning lights off your dashboard. A company-provided policy was always available to you. You should consult the user manual.

Finding the answer to your problem in the user’s manual might be complex because they are sometimes rather long. To save time, you must thus employ specific strategies.

These methods include:

The table of contents shown at the beginning of every user manual should help you find the answer to your problem.

If there isn’t a content page, you should scan the manual.

If you are able to get the warning lights on your dashboard, be sure to follow every instruction in the manual since failing to do so might result in the emergence of a different problem or a problem that is not resolved, which would waste time.

  • Contact The Company

Contact The Company

You should get in touch with the closest customer support if you didn’t figure out the problem with the aid of the user manual.

You should draft a thorough email for it, including explanations for each image of the warning lights. The likelihood of them assisting you is pretty high, but in the unlikely event that they don’t, you may always go to their local repair facility.

The Bottom Line

Merlo Telehandlers have established the firm as dependable and trustworthy for hundreds of industrial manufacturers and telehandler users throughout the world. The Merlo company prioritizes its customers.

For the convenience of the customers, it has added a number of warning lights to the dashboard. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to those warning signs if you want to advantage of Merlo Telehandler in the foreseeable future!

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