How To Reset Check Engine Light On Polaris Ranger?

how to reset check engine light on polaris ranger
how to reset check engine light on polaris ranger

Farmers benefit a great deal from vehicles like Polaris Ranger, which are bound to enhance their efficiency in multiple ways. With a reliable machine like this, you can easily complete your daily tasks. It’s not just the price that is reasonable, but the operation of this equipment is also pretty easy and simple.

By taking hours off your daily work, Polaris Ranger proves itself to be a perfect investment. However, some farmers have complained about the check engine light issues on their Polaris Ranger.

In case you experience the same issue, make sure you know the troubleshooting tips to deal with the problem in the most effective manner.

The issue of the check engine light is usually ignored by the drivers because they think it is an insignificant problem that doesn’t require as much attention. If you don’t address the problem at the correct time, get ready to face the costly repair bills.

What Does The Check Engine Light Mean?

What Does The Check Engine Light Mean

Unlike the warning light, the check engine light doesn’t raise any immediate concerns. The possibility of the check engine light getting turned on is maximum when you are driving for a long time. However, when it turns on, it is not bothersome. You don’t need to stop the car.

There is no need to panic and call for help either. Most of the time, the check engine light is a sign that you have to get your vehicle checked at the mechanic’s.

The onboard diagnostics system of the vehicle is incomplete without the check engine light because the latter has the job of monitoring multiple variables like fuel mixture, engine speed and ignition timing.

Whenever there is a problem in the car that cannot be corrected by the system, the check engine light turns on.

What Does The Check Engine Light Look Like?

The detection of a problem in the diagnostics of your car is through the appearance of the yellow check engine light. It’s the dashboard where the light is located.

The shape of the light is different for every vehicle type. Some cars just have the ‘check engine’ reading on the check engine, while others have it in the form of an engine shape that has the word ‘check’ on it occasionally.

The appearance of the light is also dependent on the problem that is causing it. The issue is less urgent if the check engine light is solid.

On the other hand, the problems that need immediate attention and action are signalled by the flashing check engine light. In some cars, the severity of the problem is denoted by the red check engine light.

How To Reset Check Engine Light On Polaris Ranger

Imagine a scenario where you are smoothly driving your vehicle with windows down, and all of a sudden, you see the check engine light. That is quite an uneasy feeling. However, there is no need to panic because the ways of resetting the check engine light on your Polaris Ranger are easy.

Perform A Diagnostic Test

Perform A Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test is the first thing that needs to be done whenever the check engine light comes on. The check engine light is an important part of the vehicle system that watches out for problems.

Using an OBD1 or OBD2 diagnostic tool can help you discover the main reason behind the triggering of the check engine light.

Avoid Emissions Testing

Avoid Emissions Testing

You cannot carry out emissions testing if you are not done with the check engine light problems. Most states require you to run emissions testing so that the emissions produced by your vehicle are kept in check.

A check engine light is a serious concern in some states that can fail your emissions test. Just like that, the turned-on check engine light is an automatic fail in some states. It could be any reason, be it a broken wire or a loose gas cap.

If you have fixed the engine light issues, you should not run for the emissions testing straight away. You need to drive around a little, usually between 50 and 100 miles, so that the system can reset properly. Afterward, you are free to take the test.

Keep Driving

Keep Driving

In case you are comfortable and safe while driving, then keep on driving your car. It is possible that the engine lights might go off on their own.

The reason is that sometimes the basic cause behind the lights coming on is some minor factor, and there is no need for any mechanical work for it. In a small period of time, the vehicle can sort itself out. That is why drivers of Polaris Ranger shouldn’t worry.

However, the diagnostic code plays a key role in determining the length of time needed for the resetting of light. One cannot tell which codes will take longer.

The number of engine revolutions is 4000 with some codes, after which the check engine light resets. On the other hand, there is a high chance that some codes need to for resetting the check engine light.

Turn Your Car On And Off

Turn Your Car On And Off

There is another way that can work well for resetting the check engine light. Turn on the car just for a second and then turn it off again. This course of action enables most vehicles to get their trouble codes to reset. It is recommended to run this turning on and off process 3 times for a Polaris Ranger.

Reduce Your Load Size

The engine of the vehicle suffers drastically whenever you put excessive weight on it or drive the vehicle at greater speed. The capabilities of your engine are more liable to over-taxing in case of fast driving. It results in a power loss that triggers the check engine light, and it turns on.

The solution to this problem would include a reduction in the demand for the vehicle. Minimize the loads and drive at medium speed.

Fix The Problem

The turning on of the check engine line is mostly a sign of the problem. That is why you need to fix that problem if you want to reset your check engine light. But the first step is to figure out what exactly the problem is.

The rider information center has the ‘Mode’ button, which needs to be held so that the diagnostic code can be revealed. There is a ‘DIAGCODE’ option that you need to cycle to. The diagnostic display code definition table holds the diagnostic codes, so compare them with the ones you have. It is most likely to fix the problem.

The majority of cases deal with the problem of the issue belt. It needs to be fixed. Besides, you don’t have to fix anything on your own. You should find a dealer to do so. If one of the fixes fails to reset the light, try another fix.

Use A Tool

Use A Tool

If the check engine light of your Polaris Ranger doesn’t reset despite every method, you need to use specialized tools. You can find plenty of scan tools and tuners on the market that you have to use manually to reset the check engine light.

However, there are some people who either don’t have these tools or this method doesn’t work for them. Therefore, it is recommended that they must use ‘Polaris Digital Wrench Software’ to reset the code.

The reason is that the local dealer usually has access to this software, and he/she can reset the code for you.

Make Sure Your Gas Cap Is Tight

Make Sure Your Gas Cap Is Tight

One of the most common causes behind the turning on of the check engine light is the incorrect way to put on the gas cap. It must have a proper seal. If it is loose, it triggers the engine light to turn on.

Be ready to face the results where the light might not turn off even after the cap is fixed. Therefore, a diagnostic test is mandatory to save yourself from the separate issues that may arise from the first one.

Disconnect The Battery

Disconnect The Battery

Disconnecting the battery has also been found as an effective measure to reset the check engine light. Usually, it’s the last resort. All it needs is a little elbow grease. As soon as you have disconnected the battery, give it a rest of almost fifteen minutes.

The next step involves the insertion of your key into the ignition. Proceed to turn it to the ‘on’ position as many as three times. This will result in the clearance of data, and the light will turn off. Now, get the battery reconnected and turn on the ignition. The check engine light will take a minute to turn off.

In this process, your ECU does get reset, but it is accompanied by plenty of other risks, including resetting the parts of your ECU’s memory. The issues arising from this can either be simple to resolve or end up making you replace the ECU. Replacement is mandatory because the damage to ECU is permanent.

Keep The Catalytic Converter Of Your Car In Working Order

Keep The Catalytic Converter Of Your Car In Working Order

The integration of the catalytic converter is in the exhaust system of the vehicle. The combustion process releases carbon monoxide, which is converted into carbon dioxide by the catalytic converter.

The failure of the converter can trigger the check engine light as well. So make sure you are performing regular maintenance on your car.

The best way to prevent the clogging of the converter is to take your vehicle on the highway whenever you are free. This is only recommended for users who cover short distances with their cars. Keep a check on the exhaust and notice if there is any discoloured smoke or unusual sound coming from it.

Fix The Vacuum Leaks

The vacuum system of every car has a variety of functions to perform. The operation of the brake booster is also under the vacuum system. Besides, the latter also ensures that the emissions from the system are the least. Vacuum leaks are possible culprits behind the appearance of the check engine light.

Another sign of these leaks is the unusual and high rpm in the car’s idle. The exposure of the vehicle to extreme heat or cold can rupture the vacuum hoses. The loose connections and cracked fittings are also the common causes. It is better to contact a professional and get your vacuum system fixed.

Get The Vehicle Checked By The Technician

Get The Vehicle Checked By The Technician

There is a diagnostic port on the vehicles with the check engine light where the equipment is hooked up to. It results in the successful retrieval of trouble codes. That’s not it.

The technician also receives the diagnostic information, which plays an important role in determining the cause which made the light come on.

Most of the time, it’s just one component that encounters a failure, but another component has to deal with the consequences. Plenty of trouble codes can result from malfunctioning in the multiple vehicle systems. There are high chances of this happening where the user has been driving the vehicle at length while the check engine lights are on.

Varying on the basis of severity of the situation, the repairs can get complicated. The check engine light repairs can either cost you nothing or thousands of dollars.

The reason is that sometimes it’s just a loose gas cap that needs to be tightened, whereas you might also need to get a new catalytic converter that is expensive.

It is always better to get your vehicle checked by a technician because it saves you additional costs. Make sure that the technician you go to is professional and certified.


The problem with the check light engine is quite common with the Polaris Ranger. However, by following some simple steps, you can get the problem fixed.

As soon as the problem is diagnosed, there is an error code that appears. Try fixing that error code. You can also use Polaris Digital Wrench Software as the dealer has access to it which can be very helpful in resetting the light.

When neither of the aforementioned tricks works, the only thing left to do is disconnect the battery connection for a few minutes and then connect it again after some time.

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