White Spots On Kale Leaves: 3 Common Reasons

white spots on kale leaves
white spots on kale leaves

Not all fruits are used as food. But, there are a ton of other options as well that are a part of our food chain and are edible. Kale is one such plant that is from a group of cabbage and is mostly known as the leaf cabbage. It is just the perfect thing that you can get for a healthy salad, or it is also being used in a number of recipes for cooking as well. Kale makes the perfect source of calcium and other healthy nutrients that a body needs to grow perfectly.

Kale grows close to the ground. It is ready for harvest when fully grown a darker shade of green. While there are not many problems that you might come across if you are growing Kale at your place, you will certainly need to be a bit careful about few things. Kale leaves tend to show white spots on them for certain reasons. You will have to ensure that you are protecting your plants from such white spots for optimal growth of your kale plants. A few such reasons that might be causing you to have this problem on the kale leaves and the best way of fixing them are:

The Reasons and Solutions For White Spots on Kale Leaves

1. Fungi

The first and most common reason for you to have this problem is fungi. The fungi, that cause you to have this problem is cercosporin fungi. It is also known as leaf blight and often targets the weaker leaves of the plant. It can affect the growth of your plants and cause them to have a number of other problems as well.

The fungi are a result of overhead irrigation. So, you will need to make sure that you are not watering your plants from the top. If you are facing a problem due to fungi, you can remove the spotted leaves in the beginning. That would be just the thing that you need to fix the problem permanently. It will also be helping you out in healthier growth of your plants as well.

2. Insects

There are different insects that can cause you to have the problem and you will need to take care of that as well. Insects like whiteflies can cause the kale leaves to grow white spots on them, and to know if the whiteflies are causing that, you will need to shake your plant and you will see several of them fly off as they stay in groups. They will not only be causing the white spots and will cause the plants to grow weaker as well.

You will need to make sure that you are getting the right and natural pesticides. These are going to help you kill the whiteflies and keeping them away from your plants. You can take some other countermeasures as well around the plants. That will be the perfect thing to get rid of them.

Flea Beetles are another type of insect that might be causing you to have this problem. So, you will need to ensure that you are checking for them as well and use appropriate insect control measures that are going to get rid of all of them and get you the best experience with growing the kale leaves.

3. Nutrients

The white spots might also be a sign of some weakness in these plants. You will have to make sure that the soil has nutrients to make it work for you. So, you will need to check on the soil and conduct tests on it. This is to ensure that it’s got what it takes for the kale leaves to grow perfectly.

Compost is a great choice to have. But, with kale leaves, it would be better if you can get the fertilizers with the right percentage of the nutrients that are required by the plants to grow right. That will be helping you out perfectly to solve the problem that you are facing with white spots on the kale leaves due to some sort of nutrient deficiency. Additionally, you will not have to deal with them either to keep the plant healthy.

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