3 Reasons That Causes White Spots On Cactus

white spots on cactus
white spots on cactus

Even though the cactus is one of the most resilient succulents that you can have on your patio, ignoring care requirements for an extended period of time can cause some problems. Luckily, in most situations, you can revive the plant by managing the environmental conditions, potting mixture, and sunlight exposure. So, if you’re running into issues with your succulents, try to take immediate action to fix the issue.

There have been many reports regarding white spots on cactus lately. If you’re stuck in a similar situation and don’t know why your plant has white spots on it, then the following list of reasons will give you a better perspective.

White Spots On Cactus

1. Pests

The presence of pests on your cactus is one of the leading reasons why you’re struggling to manage the appearance of your succulent. So, if you notice white spots on your cactus, there is a good chance that pests have infested the cactus. To get around this situation, you need to take immediate action and rely on insecticides from the gardening store.

Cactus are highly vulnerable to attacks from pests, and they will die eventually if you don’t get ahead of the problem. So, visit your local gardening store and explain the situation to the experts working there. That way, you can purchase the perfect insecticide for your succulents. The only thing that you need to focus on is applying the recommended dosage, as going overboard with the insecticide is also harmful to the plants.

With that said, you can create your own soapy solution and spray it on the cactus as a homemade insecticide. Just make sure to dilute the concentration of the soap and stick with a limited dosage. Hopefully, the white spots will be gone in no time, and your plant will start recovering.

2. Fungus

The formation of fungus on your cactus can also follow a similar pattern. If you’re struggling with white spots on your cactus and you’re sure that these are not insects, then there is a good chance that you’re dealing with fungus. Depending upon the severity of this issue, you will be able to revive the plant by using high-quality fungicides from the store.

The best method to get ahead of the fungus growth is by diluting a solution of vinegar with water and then using a cotton swab or an old piece of cloth to clean the cactus. All you have to do is dip the cotton swab in the vinegar solution and then wipe away the fungus from the plant. If the fungus is just forming, then it will be relatively easy to manage this problem. However, if your plant is covered with fungus, then you need to purchase a fungicide from the market.

While using the vinegar solution, you need to dilute it properly. Otherwise, the plant will get damaged further with the acidity of the vinegar. If you manage the dilution process perfectly then, you will be able to overcome the fungus issue without much effort.

3. Increased Humidity

An excessive amount of moisture in the air can also lead to the formation of white spots on your cactus. So, if you’ve placed the plant somewhere with high levels of humidity, there is a good chance you’re in a similar situation. Luckily, if you take quick action and relocate the plant, it will be quite easy to manage this problem.

All you have to do is find a better spot for the succulent with more exposure to sunlight and low levels of humidity. To manage this problem, you can also rely on the use of a dehumidifier. After relocating the plant or installing a dehumidifier, the issue will be fixed in no time. So, be sure to take immediate action if you want to sustain the growth of the cactus.

These were a few reasons why your plant might have white spots on the surface. In most situations, you will be dealing with pests and fungus. So, make sure to seek guidance from an expert or explain the situation to the professionals working at the gardening store. That way, you will be able to find the perfect insecticide or fungicide that will help you get around this problem before it gets any worse.

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