How To Grow Kale Hydroponically – The Best Methods

how to grow kale hydroponically
how to grow kale hydroponically

Even though kale is a relatively simple plant to grow, growing it hydroponically is a different ball game. Setting up the hydroponic container is probably one of the most challenging parts of managing the plant. However, once you have set up the container, the process becomes pretty simple, and you can grow a lot of kale hydroponically. So, if you were wondering how to grow kale hydroponically, let us help you with a few tips along with the complete procedure. Hopefully, this piece will help you make an informed decision about growing kale hydroponically.

How To Grow Kale Hydroponically

To start the process, you need to follow the sanitation methods correctly, and if you are not starting from a fresh container. Following the sanitation methods and cleaning the container after the previous cycle substantially increases the chances of plant survival. So, to maximize your chances of getting lots of kale hydroponically, you need to make sure that the bucket or any other container you’re using is clean.

After sanitizing the container, you need to prepare the water solution by adding in the necessary nutrients. Now, every plant has different requirements, and if you have never made a hydroponic solution before, it would be best to leave this job to professionals. Once you have the answer, you need to add that to the container, and now you can move towards the plantation procedure.

This part is relatively simple. You need to make a few holes in the lid of the container. Make sure that there is sufficient space between the holes for kale to grow. You need perforated plastic containers and a germinating medium like rock wool cubes to germinate the kale seeds. Start by dipping the germinating medium into the water solution to keep it moist. Once it is fully submerged, take it out and put it in the perforated plastic cup.

Make sure that the germinating medium is not pushed into the plastic cup to avoid root entanglement. You want the roots to go down into the water solution once the seed has been germinated. So, after adding in the germinating medium, plant the seeds and wait a few weeks to see root development.

Then you might have to help the roots reach the hydroponic solution by passing them through the perforated plastic cup. Once the roots have developed and are touching the water solution, your job is done. You just have to wait for the product while tending to the daily needs of your hydroponic kale.

To Conclude

You can grow kale hydroponically by prepping the plastic container after sanitation. Then add the germinating medium to the plastic cups. Now, you’re ready to germinate the seeds over the next few weeks after saturating the germinating medium with the hydroponic solutions.

Once the roots start to develop, you need to ensure that the roots are touching or semi-submerged in the water for maximum growth. You might need to help roots find their way through the perforated plastic cup and into the water container. It will take a lot of time and effort. But, your job will become easier once you have developed the system.

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