Vinca Perennial or Annual? (What You Should Know)

vinca perennial or annual
vinca perennial or annual

As a farmer or gardener, it’s your responsibility to know about all the different types of plants there are. This includes knowing their different traits, including how long their life cycle lasts. In most cases, this life cycle is termed annual or perennial.

Annual flowers are the ones that complete their cycle within a year, while perennial ones complete it in over two years. There’s often confusion among farmers or gardeners about which plants are of which variety.

One particularly common question we’ve seen a lot of is about whether vinca is perennial or annual. If you’re wondering about this, check out the details we’ve mentioned here to learn more about this beautiful flower and its variations.

Is Vinca Perennial or Annual?

When it comes to flowers, you will notice that vinca is one of the most famous ones that you can get. Considering this, people often ask if vinca is a perennial or annual flower. When it comes to this, you should note that there are several things that you need to understand. First of all, understanding the difference between a perennial and annual flower is important.

Talking about this, when someone refers to a flower as being perennial, they mean that it will regrow every spring. Once the flower blossoms, it will last you the entire winter before drying out. The next year when spring arrives, your plant will start growing its flowers back. On the other hand, when it comes to an annual flower, these will only last you a single season.

Once this is over, the flower will die out and there is only a small chance of it leaving some seeds behind. If this happens then the flower will grow back next year. However, if no seeds were left off then you will have to plant the flowers again. One of the best things about annual flowers is how easily they can be grown. The plant can give you instant gratification by blooming and maturing quickly.

Getting back to the question mentioned above, if you are wondering if the vinca is a perennial or annual then you should note that the flower comes in both variants. People mostly refer to it being annual as this type is more common. However, there is also a type of vinca that is perennial. Considering this, if you are thinking about planting this in your home or garden then understanding how the two types are different can be important.

Vinca Annual

Vinca annual is one of the most famous flowers that people keep in their gardens. The most common reason for this is that the plant is drought tolerant. Additionally, most flowers require a lot of maintenance to keep them in good shape. On the other hand, vinca requires next to no maintenance. As long as you keep a check over the flowers, these should stay in terrific shape.

Even if you forget to water the plants, these will still be healthy, but it is still better that you avoid doing this. Annual vinca comes in tons of colors that give people a lot of options when deciding to grow these in their house. This includes magenta, white, red, purple, pink, and bi-colors. The plant usually grows about 12 to even 18 inches tall at times with beautiful flowers on top of them.

Aside from this, there are also some instructions that you should keep in mind. This should ensure that your flowers can last you the entire season without them starting to dry out. As mentioned above, putting water over the soil can be great for the flower even though it is resistant to drought. Other than this, you have to ensure that the flowers are getting proper sunlight at all times.

This is necessary for the plant to survive as it only uses the light coming from the sun as its food source. If you ever notice that water has collected over the soil of your vinca annual flowers, then you should remove it. Keeping a clear path for the water to escape is important as this can also damage the flower and cause it to die out.

Vinca Perennial

Another famous type of vinca flower is the vinca perennial. While these are also quite popular, you will notice that there are also tons of people that have never heard about this type of vinca. This is because these perennial flowers are known for being closer to the ground. This type of flower is also commonly referred to as a ground hugger as it remains closer to the bed level.

The maximum length that this plant can go up to is only 8 inches while some of these might even be closer to 6 inches. Considering this, people mostly use the flower to carpet wooden areas. These can be wooden fences or even slopes of your home. One of the best things about the flower is how amazing it looks when put along with other perennial plants.

Additionally, this flower is resistant to deer and rabbits which takes out the worry of them getting damaged by an animal. When it comes to methods that can be used to keep the plant alive throughout the year, several things can be done. One of the most important things is ensuring that you keep the flowers someplace that does not get in touch with direct sunlight. A lot of direct heat can kill the flowers as well as the plant.

The brand can easily survive shady spots and it is also drought resistant just like its annual counterpart. With that being said, you should still try to keep the soil around this plant moist as this helps in keeping it healthy. Vinca perennial requires a little additional effort when compared to vinca annual as the plants for this flower have to be protected all around the year. However, this also ensures that the flowers will start to grow on their own every spring without any issues.

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