Keeping Vinca In Pots? (Factors To Consider)

vinca in pots
vinca in pots

Flowers are often used as gifts on special occasions and even planted in houses to make gardens look better. There are tons of uses for these and you will notice that each type of flavor has its unique characteristics. From the shape and size to even the color and fragrance, all of these factors vary from flower to flower.

Talking about this, there are tons of options that you need to select from when purchasing flowers. If you are someone who wants to plant these in their homes for decoration, then one of the best ones that you can go for includes vinca.

There are different types of flowers but vinca annual is one of the most popular ones that most people go with. While the plant will only provide you with flowers for a single season, these are still enough to keep your garden beautiful.

Vinca In Pots

People deciding to put vinca flowers in their homes often question if they can plant these in pots. The short answer for this is “yes”. You can easily do this but there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. The vinca flowers are one of the easiest ones to plant in a pot because them being low maintenance. The plant is drought-resistant which ensures that it will easily stay alive and healthy even if you forget to water it.

The flower only requires its user to keep the soil around it moist. Keep in mind that access to water can also damage the plant. This is why you should leave some place for all the excess water to escape. Most pots already come with a small hole in their bottom that can let all the extra water leave. Considering this, make sure that you do not block the passage provided for the liquids to escape. You will have to place the flower in a spot where the water leakage does not cause any problems.

Talking about this, the position where you decide to put your vinca plant is also crucial. There are several reasons for this but one of the most important ones is that the entire plant is poisonous. This includes the stems, leaves, and flowers growing. The poison is not only dangerous for animals but also humans. This is why you should keep the pot away from the reach of small children and pets.

Keeping Vinca Flowers Healthy

Now that you understand that vinca flowers can be planted in pots. Another thing that you should keep in mind is how to keep the flowers healthy. This is quite easy as the plants require next to no maintenance. You should note that the flower can not only survive without water but even sunlight is not required.

Most of the nutrients required by this plant can be found in the soil you decide to plant it in. This is why choosing the soil is one of the most essential parts when planting your vinca in a pot. You have to ensure that this contains all the minerals required by your flowers. If you feel like your plant is not getting enough nutrients, then you can add fertilizers to the soil.

Doing this once a month can ensure that your flowers keep on growing even after you cut them off. As the soil mostly remains moist, the soil can start seeping out from the bottom hole of your pot. This is why you can use small rocks to block the passage in a way that only water escapes from it. The process can be a little technical as blocking the path can also kill your flowers.

Other than this, some people might think about putting the pots under direct sunlight, but this can also cause vinca to dry out. Keeping this in mind, the most optimal location to place the plant is under partial sunlight. The flowers on your vinca plant will stop growing once spring is over. Although, you can still keep the plant alive as it will start to blossom again once spring comes back. Just make sure that you cut the stems and keep the plant healthy to get the best flowers when vinca’s season comes back.

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