New Holland LS170 Warning Lights

new holland ls170 warning lights
new holland ls170 warning lights

The compact machine New Holland LS170 has proved to be quite useful for farmers ever since its release. The arms of this machine can attach any type of heavy-duty component. Without taking up much space, it tends to be the greatest help for the farmers on the farm.

New Holland is a renowned company that manufactures skid steer loaders. Their loaders are known all around the world for their reliability and efficiency.

Just like any other vehicle, the New Holland LS170 loader also comes with warning lights. This article deals with the study of these warning lights so that you are able to get the message your loader is sending you through the lights.

The warning light flashing appears after the beep that you might hear whenever you are riding the loader. The panic is obvious whenever the lights come on.

You might think of getting the loader repaired or getting apprehended for the malfunctioning of the loader. There is no need to worry that much about the warning lights.

Importance Of Warning Lights In A Loader

It is important to get a warning on the potential problems of your loader if you want to increase its lifetime and durability. The warning lights ensure that a possible system breakdown is prevented.

There is a different reason behind the illumination of each warning light, and it requires different kinds of attention from the driver.

If you want to know what exactly is wrong with your loader, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the warning lights dashboard. The location of the dashboard and symbols of the warning lights depends on the year and model of the loader you are driving.

As soon as you start New Holland LS170, you will see the warning lights illuminating. Most of the time, an audible alarm also accompanies the warning light. At ‘key- -on’, the illumination of all the warning and indicator lights occurs, representing the electrical system’s self-diagnostic check.

Turning on the vehicle and seeing the lit warning lights is also a mechanism to analyze the condition of these lights. If they are in good condition, they will light up. If a few of them are not turned on as the vehicle starts, you have to change the bulbs or get your vehicle to the mechanic.

New Holland LS170 Warning Lights

1. Fast Steer – Green Light

The green light turns on to represent the fast steer system getting energized.

2. Fast Steer – Orange Light

Fast Steer - Orange Light

A depressed steering wheel ring engages fast steer action and is represented by the illumination of orange light.

3. Rear Differential Lock

There is a light for the differential lock, which also turns on as soon as the lock is engaged.


When the set mode in auto diff lock, the automatic disengagement of the diff lock flashes the light.

4. Four Wheel Drive

The light turns on at the engagement of the drive to the front wheels.


Just like the rear differential lock, the auto four-wheel-drive mode requires the flashing of light upon the automatic disengagement of the four-wheel drive.

5. Trailer Turn Signal

Trailer Turn Signal

The attachment of a trailer to the loader triggers the light to turn on.

6. Parking Lights

Parking Lights

Upon the switching on of the tractor lights, the light flashes.

7. Headlight High Beam

Light illuminates as soon as the loader lights switch to high beam.

8. Red Stop Light

Red Stop Light

The appearance of a red stop light is a sign that you need to stop the loader and see what’s going on. The dot matrix display will also show you a warning system and confirm the fault’s location.

9. Engine Power Boost Activated

The power boost symbol is dot matrix display visible on the, and a flash of light accompanies it.

10. Amber Warning Light

Amber Warning Light

In addition to the illumination of light, you also see the power boost symbol on the dot matrix display.

11. Front Suspension

The locked position of the front suspension switch is indicated by the light turning on.

12. Parking Brake

Parking Brake

When the key start switch is turned on, and the parking brake is applied, the light turns on. In a different situation where the key start switch is not turned on, and you do not apply the parking brake, nor does the operator leave the seat, it will give rise to the generation of a warning buzzer sound.

Afterwards, you will see the flashing of the parking brake lamp for 10 seconds. There is also a possibility that the lamp may keep flashing until you apply the parking brake.

13. Trailer Brake Pressure

It is an important light that is illuminated to warn you of the low hydraulic oil pressure. You need to stop the vehicle right after you see the light and start investigating the case.


The application of the handbrake also illuminates the light because there is a release of pressure in the trailer brake circuit.

14. All Air Breaking Systems

The fall is pressure in the air brake system below 4.5 bar triggers the light to turn on. It requires you to stop the loader and look at the brake system.

15. Brake Pedals Not Latched

As soon as the brake pedal is unlocked, you get the notification in the form of a warning light.

16. Engine Oil Pressure Low

Engine Oil Pressure Low

The representation of low engine oil pressure is done by a red stop light along with a steady light.

17. Front Auto P.T.O. Function

The enabled function of the front auto P.T.O. illuminates the light. The rise of implement and P.T.O. stopping also triggers the light to turn on. One can cease the light flash and get it steady by lowering the implement into work and engaging the P.T.O.

18. Fuel Level Low

Fuel Level Low

When the loader is in need of refuelling, the light turns on.

19. Shuttle Lever Position

Shuttle Lever Position

The shuttle lever has three positions: neutral, forward and reverse. Each of these positions is represented by a different symbol getting illuminated.

20. Right Turn Indicator

Right Turn Indicator

The right-hand turn signal of the loader turns on the light. If the loader is moving and you have not cancelled the indicator after 20 seconds, you will hear the intermittent alarm. In case the loader is stationary, the time period for cancelling the indicator is five minutes.

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