New Holland LS180 Warning Lights

new holland ls180 warning lights
new holland ls180 warning lights

Every farmer knows the importance of a skid steer like New Holland LS180 on a farm. With this machine, it is quite easy to attach different types of components to the hydraulic arms. You won’t have to do any heavy lifting yourself and this machine will take of everything. As compared to other machines, the price tag is very reasonable on LS180.

Just like the previous models, this model also has a variety of warning lights included in the vehicle. These warning lights update the driver about any issues with the vehicle. Let’s discuss some of the warning lights on New Holland LS180.

New Holland LS180 Warning Lights

When compared to the previous models, there is not much difference in the warning lights section. You still have the same engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, charge pressure, seatbelts, battery voltage, transmission oil pressure symbols on the bar. As you turn on the vehicle, all of these lights will turn on for a few seconds, and then they will turn off. This is just a safety mechanism to check the functionality of warning lights.

If any of the warning light symbols light up a few minutes after driving the vehicle then that will indicate a problem with your LS180. Usually, the most common problem that people face is with the charge pressure. The transmission charge pressure light will turn on for a few seconds and the engine will stop after a minute. If the problem is not fixed immediately then it can be pretty difficult to drive the vehicle.

You will also hear a continuous alarm along with the flashing warning lights. If your vehicle is also shutting down after you get this warning light in LS180, then you should call a mechanic immediately. Explain the problem to him and he will take a look at the charge pressure sensors along with the actual pressure. Fixing this problem on your own can be quite complicated, this is why you need help from a professional.

Aside from the charge pressure, the other issues are related to the oil temperature. Usually, these issues are easier to fix and you just have to keep track of how long you’re using the vehicle. However, if the issues with the oil temperature are too frequent then you should get your vehicle checked by a certified mechanic. If you don’t take action immediately then that can create lasting damage for

To Conclude

The warning lights on the New Holland LS180 are quite similar to the previous skid steer models. Farmers just have to keep track of the charge pressure and oil temperature for the proper functioning of the vehicle. However, it is not rare for the sensors to malfunction because of wiring.

So, if the warning lights on your LS180 are going off then you should first check the wires connected to the sensor. If there are no issues with the sensors then you will need help from a mechanic to fix the problem with your New Holland LS180. For additional information about the warning lights, you can refer to the user manual.

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