7 Common Problems With Massey Ferguson 5445 (With Solutions)

massey ferguson 5445 problems
massey ferguson 5445 problems

Massy Ferguson is a renowned company that has gathered a lot of recognition from all around the world in manufacturing agricultural equipment. Every product made by Massey Ferguson is manufactured with the aim of adding ease and simplicity to your agricultural life.

There is a large amount of equipment offered by this company, but the tractors they make are the most popular on the list. The excellency of their tractors knows no bounds. Every Massey Ferguson tractor has its own unique features and design.

Massey Ferguson 5445 Problems

Of the top-notch tractor entries, Massey Ferguson 5445 is quite well-known. Countless users purchase this model and get benefited. However, just like the rest of machinery and modern-day equipment, Massey Ferguson 5445 is not free of problems either.

Users have complained about some of the issues linked to this equipment. Let’s discuss those problems in detail and look for their effective solutions.

  1. Not Suitable For Heavy Load

Not Suitable For Heavy Load

These tractors have the common problem of not being capable of supporting a heavy load . However, other models of Massey Ferguson are pretty good at managing loads, no matter the weight. A tractor is of not much use if it can’t even take the heavy load.

Only a high-powered vehicle can manage the weight. In that regard, Massey Ferguson 5445 tractors lack power. An important thing to clarify here is that this model can handle slightly heavier loads. It is just not so good at handling the weight as well as the rest of the models.

  1. Jumpy Power Shuttle

Having a jumpy power shuttle is yet another problem with Massey Ferguson 5445. Most of the users have found themselves in situations where they noticed the jumpier than usual power shuttle. However, there is an easy fix to this problem.

All you need to do is get the valve rebuilt. It might be a difficult task for most people, so it is better to consult a professional on this. The basic reason behind the power shuttle acting up could be the o-rings leaking. As soon as you rebuild the valve, you are likely to solve the problem.

  1. Clutch Being Extremely Jerky

Clutch Being Extremely Jerky

Most of the older models of Massey Ferguson 5445 encounter the problem of an extremely jerky clutch. In the majority of cases, the problem arises from the speed shift model of the tractor. There are multiple reasons behind this happening. That is why get your tractor checked as soon as possible.

A bunch of users have got a partial fix to the problem. However, the problem being model-specific is not too easy to be resolved.

  1. Motor Or Engine Overheating

Motor Or Engine Overheating

Whenever a piece of machinery is overheating, the most common cause behind it is overload. As mentioned earlier, Massey Ferguson 5445 is not made to deal with heavier loads.

So, whenever you encounter this problem, check the coolant level in the cooling system. If it is not up to the recommended level, add more coolant. There are some other things that you need to check as well, including the radiator, fan belt, engine, and fuel atomization.

  1. Massey Ferguson Tractors Get Stuck In Gear

Massey Ferguson Tractors Get Stuck In Gear

Although the remarkable reputation of Massey Ferguson 5445 has taken everyone by surprise, it is not short of problems. Stuck gear is a common problem that is faced by the users of MF tractors. This issue is really frustrating because it takes the ability of the tractor to do anything.

A tractor stuck in gear can push your days behind schedule. The time-sensitive business of farming requires the equipment that can deliver the work within time. Therefore, it is important that your tractor must be in working condition.

The operation of the Massey Ferguson transmission takes place with two shift rails. Look at the back of the shift fork. That’s where you will find the lock. The two gears are prevented from simultaneous selection through this lock.

Shifting gears are in constant motion. Therefore, the spring is worn out over the duration of its life. As a result, it is unable to keep the shift lever down.

Sometimes, the spring is so worn out that it loses tension. It leads to the slipping of the shift lever into an incorrect shift rail. The shifter cannot go back to the right position because of the locker. Ultimately, the gear is stuck.

Whenever you face this situation, get the tractor to the operator, who will try to achieve the neutral position of the shift lever. Make sure the working on the tractor is on level ground so that the transmission is stress-free.

When both the shifters are in a neutral position, you need to take the filler plug out and check inside. You might see the shift fork and a stuck gear.

Now you need to free the locked-up gear. Get a hold of a long screwdriver and push in the clutch. The gear stuck in reverse requires the pressure exerted in the forward direction. On the other hand, the jamming in first or third gear needs you to push the gear backward.

The force of the push needs to be kept in the check because pushing too hard can get it stuck in the opposite gear. Getting the shifter in the center gets you the neutral position that you wanted. Make sure the shifting is mindful.

  1. Flywheel Dampers

Flywheel Dampers

The flywheel damper is a common Massey Ferguson breakdown. Whenever the unit fails, there are certain noticeable symptoms. The first thing you observe is the complete loss of drive. Besides, the bell housing gives an unpleasant noise.

The range of hours between which the unit fails is 4000-6000. Keep in mind that getting the replacement for the flywheel dampers is costly, and you need to hire an experienced mechanic for that.

  1. Additional Problems

Whenever you are driving this tractor, there are tons of other problems that can arise. The running of the can blower takes place only at higher settings. In addition, the working operation of the parking brake also stops after a while.

The best way to prevent such issues from happening is to grease the front scale pivot regularly. You should also get your resistor packs updated.

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  1. I have a problem in the tractor 5455 dyna 4 , is the code 15 , after code 37 and speedometer don’t work in the instrument panel

  2. Hi my meggey ferguson Dino 4 5445 is just cranking and dnt start but if you use quick start in start and running well. But if you switch it off and want to start it not start on it own but quick start if will start.


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