14 Most Common Problems With Massey Ferguson 6480

massey ferguson 6480 problems
massey ferguson 6480 problems

Among the variety of machines that are needed for agriculture, tractors play a vital role for the farmer. You will find that companies have come up with different models, many of which are unique and have their benefits.

However, the basic purpose for each may be relatively the same, that is, plowing fields, pushing and pulling, or even towing different things.

Additionally, they also provide the benefit of transportation. Among the many manufacturers of tractors, there is Massey. This company produces several kinds of tractors, one of which is the Ferguson 6480.

This is a popular model that is widely being used for agricultural purposes. However, users have started noting certain problems when using the machine.

Most Common Problems with Massey Ferguson 6480

We will talk about several common problems that the owners of the Ferguson 6480 have reported. Alongside, we will also be reporting solutions so you can better understand whether the problem is something that can be handled easily or whether it requires professional guidance.

  1. Diesel Motor Won’t Crank Over

Diesel Motor Won’t Crank Over

Many have reported this problem, and if this is something you are also facing, it could be because you are not using fuel grade. Another possibility for this problem could be the drive of your fuel injection pump is broken .

For the former problem, you need to incorporate fuel grade. If that does not solve the issue, then consider checking the drive and having the drive repaired. It would be best if you also consider adjusting the timing of the injection pump.

  1. Engine Lacking Power

This happens because your control rods are not aligned, and this can be easily fixed by readjusting the control rods.

  1. Engine Stops Working After a Short Period of Time

Engine Stops Working After a Short Period of Time

A defective fuel injector, a problematic fuel pump, or the wrong pump timing can all be reasons for your engine to stop working after a short time. In cases like this, you may want to get your fuel injectors checked and replaced.

  1. Steering Wheel Is Not Resisting

Steering Wheel Is Not Resisting

Before doing anything drastic, it is a good idea to first oil the steering wheel and see if it helps. If not, then you may consider repairing or installing a new pump steering as the cylinder of the wheel may be defective.

  1. Motor Not Starting

Motor Not Starting

There could possibly be a selection of reasons that the motor refuses to start. For one, you should give the motor time. Try it a couple of times to check if it does eventually start. If it doesn’t, then you can check for other problems.

One such issue could be that there is something blocking or clogging your fuel pipe. Try and clean all filters and pipes of the vehicle, and if that doesn’t work, then only consider a replacement.

Other problems that cause this can include leakage in the head gasket, an impaired injector, or degraded piston rings, in which case replacement would be essential.

  1. Engine Overheating

Engine Overheating

If the engine begins to overheat, consider checking the levels of the coolant. You should ideally be thinking of doing this first. Check up on the radiator and make sure it is at the correct levels.

Refill it if required. Additionally, one of the hoses connected could be loose or leaking, so be sure to keep an eye for that as well.

Consider cleaning the radiator thoroughly as well. There could be an accumulation of dust and dirt in the radiator over time which can result in overheating. The cleaning may even extend to the injectors. You should also check on the fan belt and adjust it if need be.

Another reason for overheating could be the amount of load the tractor is forced to take. Overworking the machine can lead to excess heat and therefore, it is recommended that you reduce the stress and usage of the vehicle.

  1. White Smoke

White Smoke

White smoke is a sign that you should stop using your tractor immediately. This usually happens when there is too much engine oil or when the piston rings are damaged. The whole machine should, therefore, be properly checked before you resume work.

  1. Spool Valve Detents

These detents for this kind of tractor have a tendency of rusting easily, and in this case, they need to be replaced. Unfortunately, Massey only sells the whole valve, meaning the whole system would need replacement.

If you are interested in saving money, you may consider detents from similar models that you can then fit into your systems, however, it’s a slightly complicated solution.

  1. Failure in the Oil Pump

Failure in the Oil Pump

Though this may be rare when it does happen it causes the engine to seize. As a result, the gear connected to the pump stops and results in a destroyed piston.

Unfortunately, this requires a full engine change, including new liners, pistons, and turbo. Thankfully though, this is a rare occurrence and happens once in a while.

  1. Problems with Brakes

Problems with Brakes

There can be another problem with the machine when the brakes begin to wear down. The machine comes with a warning light that comes where the filter is blocked. This means that the metal fiber has started to deteriorate and you should stop using the machine immediately.

If this is in the beginning stages, you can simply empty the blockage. However, if it is still driven and the particles pass through the whole back then that would be a problem and would need repair or replacement.

Handbrakes can also cause problems, especially if the driver continues to drive with them on. This eventually causes degradation to the brake discs and will eventually need replacement.

These are problems that can be avoided or mended if caught early, so you should be wary about the maintenance of your tractor.

  1. Rear differentials

 Another part of the tractor that may give trouble is the rear differential. There could be a possibility that the bolts got cut and that the differential moved to the back. This can cause a loss of control and drive of the back wheel and loud noise from the back of the tractor.

This is a typically simple fix that requires removing the cover and rearranging the differential with new bolts.

  1. Flywheel dampers

Flywheel dampers

Another common problem with the Massey Ferguson is that there is a tendency for the flywheel dampers to stop working resulting in the whole machine breaking down. This happens after around 6000 hours of usage and requires replacement.

However, you should be cautious because you need to be experienced with replacing the damper and if not, it is recommended that you go to a professional mechanic.

  1. Linkage Top Arm Splines

Linkage Top Arm Splines

It has been noted that on several of these tractors, the linkage top spine degrades, eventually causing it to slide and destroy the castings. This can be worsened if the machine is used excessively and for a lot of heavy lifting.

Luckily, replacing the arms and the shaft can be done in a few hours, after which you can have it working as well as new.

  1. Clutch Switch

Massy tractors have another issue where their clutch switch stops working properly and reduces the control on the drive. This is usually shown as a code error on the machine.

This requires a simple replacement of the clutch switch, which is found in the pedal box, after which your problem would not require any additional work.

The Bottom Line

The Massey Ferguson is a great and widely used model. It has proven to have several advantages. However, you can not ignore the several issues that come along with it. These are some of the most prevalent problems voiced by several product users.

By knowing them and understanding each one better, you will be able to not only figure out what’s wrong with your tractor but also have it repaired in the best way possible. You can make it work as well as new without causing any further damage.

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