10 Most Common Problems With Massey Ferguson 5460

massey ferguson 5460 problems
massey ferguson 5460 problems

Massey Ferguson is a popular name in the manufacturing world, thanks to their reliable agricultural equipment that has succeeded by grabbing attention of people all around the world.

The main aim behind the making of every Massey Ferguson product is that it must add to the simplicity and ease of your agricultural life.

This company offers a large number of machinery that works wonders in their respective fields. However, their tractors are the most popular products. There is no end to the excellency displayed by these tractors. Every model of Massey Ferguson tractors differs from the others in features and design.

Being one of the leading tractor manufacturers of tractors, Massey Ferguson understands what exactly the farmers demand from the tractors. Therefore, their tractors are manufactured accordingly. Besides, the wide range of these tractors ensures that there is a product for everyone.

Massey Ferguson 5460 Problems

Massey Ferguson 5460 is one of the top-notch tractor series that has gained recognition in no time. Lately, a lot of users have been purchasing this model to get benefitted. But sadly, they are also facing problems with it.

There are some issues linked to this equipment that have alarmed the users of Massey Ferguson 5460 all across the world. In this article, we will discuss those issues and look for their effective solutions.

  1. Transmission And Hydraulics Problem

Transmission And Hydraulics Problem

The most common problem that the users of Massey Ferguson 5460 have faced while operating it is with the transmission and hydraulics. There is a chance of slight differences in the problems but all of them are related to hydraulics in many ways.

This problem can be resolved by changing the hydraulic pumps of your tractor. Make sure you check the pumps first. Talking about the transmission problems, they can arise from the filters in the tractor. Therefore, inspect the filters and see if they are in good shape.

  1. Not Suitable For Heavy Load

Not Suitable For Heavy Load

Massey Ferguson 5460 is unable to support the heavy load. It can manage loads but not the ones that exceed the normal range. The weight handling feature of the tractors comes from their power.

All in all, these tractors lack power and thus they are not as efficient as other models whenever the load is concerned.

  1. Noise Problems

Noise Problems

A lot of MF 5460 owners have disapproved of the tractor because of the noise it generates. A research on the tractors reveals that the speed or 1400-1600 rpm induces the noise in the tractor.

That’s not it. Users are highly annoyed by the vibrating sound. However, that’s not really a grand issue because you cannot expect the same comfort from the tractors that you do from the other vehicles.

If the noise is unbearable, it might be resulting from the contact between some of the tractor parts. That is why you need to check the parts, especially the hydraulics.

  1. Jumpy Power Shuttle

Jumpy Power Shuttle

Massey Ferguson 5460 may also have a jumpy power shuttle that can frustrate the users. There have been a lot of situations where the users noticed a jumpier than usual power shuttle. Although the problem sounds huge, the fix to it is pretty small and simple.

You just have to rebuild the valve. Not everyone can do so with efficiency therefore you better consult a technician to help you with this. The leakage of o-rings is usually considered as the prime reason behind the jumpy power shuttle. However, the rebuilding of the valve can solve your problem.

  1. Flywheel Dampers

Flywheel Dampers

Majority of the Massey Ferguson tractor models face the problem of flywheel damper breakdown . You can see the obvious symptoms that a failed unit gives. First of all, you lose the drive completely. Secondly, there is an unpleasant noise from the bell housing.

The unit fails in the hour range of 4000-6000. If there is a need to replace the flywheel damper, you must have the money to do so because it is pretty costly. Besides, the replacement must be done by an expert mechanic.

  1. Motor Or Engine Overheating

Motor Or Engine Overheating

Overload is the top reason behind the overheating of the engine no matter what engine model it is or which vehicle it is in. As discussed earlier, Massey Ferguson 5460 is not suitable for heavier weights.

So, if you face this problem, do check the coolant level in the cooling system. It is possible that the level is low and it is not up to the recommended level. If that is so, add more coolant. In addition, inspect the fan belt, radiator and fuel atomization as well.

  1. Clutch Being Extremely Jerky

Clutch Being Extremely Jerky

This problem is common in older models of Massey Ferguson 5460. However, it can also arise from other reasons. In majority cases, the speed shift model of the tractor is involved. It is better to take your tractor to a technician.

A partial fix to this problem does exist but the solution to this problem is not that simple because it varies from model to model.

  1. Bad Smell From The Engine

Bad Smell From The Engine

It has been a frequent observation of the Massey Ferguson 5460 users that the tractor engine releases a foul smell. The cause behind that odor is the malfunctioning fuel system. It is also possible that the fuel used in the engine is substandard.

The fuel system can get contaminated with dirt and debris. You need to get your fuel system cleaned by changing the engine oil. Make sure the lubricant and oil you use are of good quality. If you mix low-quality oil with alcohol, it not only generates the foul but also causes potential damage to the tractor.

Apart from the quality of oil, you also need to pay attention to the fuel, fuel cells, and air filter.

  1. Problems With The Steering System

Problems With The Steering System

Another common issue with the Massey Ferguson 5460 tractors is that the steering wheel gets excessive free play. It results from the worn-out steering column shaft. The left and right pulling of the tractor also contribute to this problem.

A faulty steering cylinder is a key factor in causing this issue. Keep a check on components of the steering cylinder. If they are loose, they can affect the steering system.

As soon as you have diagnosed the defective component, find a replacement for the steering pump. Talking about the hydraulic steering cylinder, you can either repair it or get it replaced.

For the wheel bearings, you get two options. Sometimes all they need is a little adjustment. Otherwise, you have to replace them with a new and functional wheel bearing.

  1. Massey Ferguson Tractors Get Stuck In Gear

Massey Ferguson Tractors Get Stuck In Gear

Despite the worldwide recognition and reputation of Massey Ferguson 5460, it is still just another piece of machinery that is prone to a lot of problems. Users of MF 5460 frequently encounter the problem of a stuck gear. As soon as this issue sparks, the tractor is unable to function in any way whatsoever.

You are bound to go behind the schedule if your Massey Ferguson is stuck in gear. However, make sure that you get your tractor back in the working confusion as soon as possible because business farming is a time sensitive field.

There are two shift rails that are crucial for the operation of Massey Ferguson transmission. Locate for the lock. It is usually at the back of the shirt fork. This lock prevents the simultaneous selection of these two gears.

Shifting gears are in motion for the most periods of time. That is why, the spring wears out and it can’t keep the lever down. The worn out spring loses its tension and results in the shift lever slipping into an incorrect shift rail.

The locker prevents the shifter from going back to the right position. All in all, the gear is stuck.

This situation strictly demands that the tractor should be taken to the operator. Only an operator can bring the neutral position of the shift lever. For the stress free transmission, the working on the tractor must be on the level ground.

Having achieved the neutral position of both the shifters, take out the filter plug and check inside. The stuck gear and shift fork might be visible to you.

In order to free the locked up gear, take a long screwdriver and push in the clutch. You need to exert the pressure in the forward direction if the gear is stuck in reverse. Whereas, the direction of pushing the gear should be backward if the jamming is in first or third gear.

Be careful while exerting the force because if you push it too hard, it can get stuck in the opposite gear. As soon as the shifter is in the center, it gives you the neutral position that you desired to achieve.

Additional Problems

Apart from the aforementioned problems, a whole lot of other problems can also arise whenever you are driving the tractor. For example, the car blower only runs at a higher setting. Not only this, the parking brake might stop working for a while as well.

If you want to keep your Massey Ferguson 5460 safe from these issues, give a regular greasing to the front scale pivot. In addition, keep updating the resistor packs as well.

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  1. 5460 engine runs fine but when hot slow or
    stop tractor will not go back
    to moving until it cools down ,then runs fine again. Like tractor is in neutral and can,t get it back in gear till it cools. During time of not moving can put tractor in any gear on gear shifter with out getting the tractor to move till it cools. There is a coupler to wiring undone drivers side just below and in front of the cab??

  2. We are having identical problems with our 5460, it is 2011 with 3156 hrs. It could have written the script in “Additional Problems” just above . Has any one figured out a solution or fix?

  3. I have a MF 2705E that starts and runs fine for 30 minutes then shuts down. If I try to restart, I turn the key and the ignition will not engage the starter. After the tractor sits for 20-30 minutes, the key will engage the starter again and the machine will run fine for 20 more minutes then shut down again. Has anyone else seen this issue?


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