6 Common Massey Ferguson Power Steering Problems

massey ferguson power steering problem
massey ferguson power steering problem

The advent of machinery has revolutionized every industry, including agriculture. It has completely changed the way agricultural tasks were done and has made things far more convenient.

A tractor is one such machinery that has been used for centuries to perform various agricultural-related tasks. Be it tillage or sowing; it can do a wide range of tasks.

As tractors got more popular, more and more companies joined this business. Today, the tractor market is really saturated with hundreds of companies. However, not every company enjoys a good reputation.

Massey Ferguson Limited is a popular company specializing in manufacturing quality tractors. Based in the USA, the company came into being in 1953.

Today, it is among the big guns in the industry and has thousands of happy customers all over the world. The company has offered many innovative tractors ever since its inception.

However, no matter how well-built Massey Ferguson tractors are, they can start showing problems after some time. Today, we will outline some of the most common reasons for power steering problems in the Massey Ferguson tractors.

Furthermore, we will also share effective workarounds to fix those problems. Let’s delve deeper without any further ado!

Fixing Massey Ferguson Power Steering Problems

Here are some common problems with the Massey Ferguson power steering and their simple solutions.

  1. Mechanical Fiasco

Mechanical Fiasco

Mechanical issues are quite common with the Massey Ferguson power steering. Some users reported that the steering of these tractors is harder to turn than normal steering wheels used in other tractors. However, it is important to point out that this problem is only limited to some models.

Like other vehicles, the Massey Ferguson power steering also needs power steering fluid to turn its steering wheels. Not only does this fuel power the steering mechanism, but it also provides lubrication to prevent overheating.

The power steering system of these tractors has a hose to deliver fluids. If that hose is damaged or loose, this may cause the fluid to leak out, causing the steering wheel issue in the Massey Ferguson power steering.

The steering wheel problem in the Massey Ferguson power steering can be fixed by simply refilling the power steering fluids in the steering system. So, if your steering wheel is a bit movable, visit a garage and get it refilled. Having said that, it is important to identify the source of this problem.

If the power steering hose is the culprit, consider replacing it to fix the steering wheel of your Massey Ferguson power steering. However, if the problem is not with the hose, proceed to check the power steering pump of your tractor.

It may wear out over time as your tractor ages. If that’s the case, ask the technician to repair or replace it.

The power steering pump is an expensive component, and replacing it could be quite costly. However, that will likely resolve the steering wheel issue, and you will be able to turn it freely.

  1. Feeler Valve Failure

Feeler Valve Failure

The steering units of the Massey Ferguson power steering come with feeler valves. They are an important component as they are responsible for regulating the flow of fluid from one side of the cylinder to the other side, which aids in turning the wheels.

If the feeler valve of the power steering of your Massey Ferguson tractor is defective, it can simply refuse to move any fluid from one side to the other. Thus, restraining the flow and making it impossible to turn the wheel.

The location of the feeler valve may vary depending on the model of your Massey Ferguson tractor. So, it would be better to seek professional help.

Get it replaced by an electrician, and if they do not know the location of this valve either, consider going through the operator manual. It is a little component, so replacing it won’t cost you much money.

  1. Low fluids

Low fluids

Low fluid is another common problem in the power steering problem in the Massey Ferguson tractor. As mentioned earlier, the steering system needs this power steering fuel to function properly.

This fuel creates a link between the steering wheel and the front wheels of your tractor. Therefore, if you notice that the steering wheel is not turning easily, it indicates that your power steering system is running low on fluid.

Apart from that, the whining noise coming from the tires is another symptom of low fluid in the Massey Ferguson tractor. You will hear this noise when turning the wheels. If there is not enough power steering fuel, it will cause air to circulate through the system, resulting in noise.

If you use your tractor daily, the fuel will finish faster.

So, it is advised to check the fuel level every time before using your Massey Ferguson tractor. If it is low, refill it, and the steering wheel will start turning easily.

If your Massey Ferguson tractor has low hydraulic fuel and you keep using it anyway, it will likely damage the steering pump. As a result, the steering pump will start working harder, which will cause it to wear out sooner.

  1. Leaking Hydraulics

Leaking Hydraulics

Sometimes, the steering system of the Massey Ferguson tractor may become a bit unresponsive and take a bit longer to respond. It usually happens when there is a leak in the hydraulic system.

A leakage in the supply pipe or oil reservoir leads to this problem. So, if you turn the steering wheel and it does not turn the wheels right away, consider inspecting the supply pipes.

The fluid is stored in the oil reservoir and is supplied to your tractor’s steering system via supply pipes. If any of these components have leaked out, the steering system will not get the required fluid and may become a bit unresponsive.

  1. Cracked Bearings

The thing with modern tractors is that they feature dozens of little components that work together for proper working. While it is a good thing that makes the tractors more efficient, it also makes them complicated, and you will have to check many components to identify the culprit.

If the hydraulic system has no leakage, cracked bearings can also cause the power steering problem in the Massey Ferguson tractor. So, you will have to check the bearings too, and if they are cracked, replace them to resolve the power steering issue.

Once you have replaced the bearings, use your tractor to find out whether it has worked or not. If the problem persists, there could be something wrong with the pins and pinholes.

  1. Linkage Hook Pins Issue

Linkage Hook Pins Issue

The Massey Ferguson tractor has linkage pins and pinholes that hook the steering arms and cylinder control valves. If they have worn out, it may cause problems to the power steering system.

If that’s the case, replacing them is the only solution. In addition to that, keep them lubricated and clean to extend their lifespan.

The Bottom Line

Massey Ferguson tractors are a go-to choice for many farmers, thanks to their durability and innovative features. However, they may also show problems nevertheless.

Many users have complained about the power steering problem while using these tractors. We have mentioned some reasons for this problem, along with its potential fixes.

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  1. I have a 202 Work bull. The power steering does not work. I replaced a hose. Should I have poured fluid into that hose? Where do I put in power steering fluid in a 202? I poured it into the canister which is a Barnes system. I’ve bought 2 different filters for the power steering and still don’t have one that fits this tractor. I think the filter goes into the canister, correct? As you can see, I need help with my power steering. Thanking you in advance.

  2. I am involved in re-building a power assisted steering gear for a Massey Ferguson model 235. This unit was only used for a couple of years. I am in need of technical information specifically flow drawings and the valve rebuild. I have been getting my butt kicked since September. any help will be greatly appreciated.

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