7 Most Common Kubota GR2120 Problems

kubota gr2120 problems
kubota gr2120 problems

If you are fond of gardening, having a lawn tractor is the biggest perk. This is because it can help maintain the plants and grass to make sure they look appealing and the weed is cut out. In addition, it helps with planting new plants.

Kubota is a well-known name in the industry and they have launched Kubota GR2120 to handle long hours of mowing without breaking down since there is a three-cylinder diesel engine in it. However, there are some problems associated with Kubota GR2120 but they are pretty easy to fix!

Kubota GR2120 Problems

  1. Colored Fumes from Engine

Colored Fumes from Engine

It is common for the engine to release fumes, but if these fumes are pigmented or colored, you need to be concerned about the fuel you are using. In the majority of cases, the users end up using low-quality fuel but it can wear out the pumps and injectors, which also reduces the overall reliability of the tractor.

In addition, the low-quality fuel has particulates that cause contamination in the fuel system, causing detrimental impacts on the performance.

Usually, the colored fumes come out of the engine when you use low-quality fuel for a long time as it gradually wears down the engine. The only solution is to remove the bad fuel and fill up the tank with high-quality fuel that’s graded for tractors.

In addition to this, you should get the engine oil changed and install a fuel stabilizer. The fuel stabilizer eliminates the need to drain out the fuel quickly as it keeps the fuel fresh for over two years. In addition, it prevents the buildup of gum in the fuel system, promising quicker startup.

  1. Overheating Issues

Overheating Issues

Kubota GR2120 has an overheating problem and there are various factors that accelerate this issue. To begin with, you have to check the engine oil because a low level of engine oil can cause severe damage to the lawn tractor.

This is because it reduces lubrication and causes friction in the parts, which leads to overheating and wearing of the parts. For this reason, you have to replenish the engine oil level and focus on regular maintenance.

Secondly, the overheating is caused by blocked cooling fins. When it comes down to the lawn tractor, the debris and grass from the fields or lawns can build up in the cooling fins, which disturbs the air circulation and fails to cool down the engine.

For this reason, you have to locate the cooling fins and clear the buildup.

The third thing you’ve to do is to check the cutting decks, air cleaners, and air paths to make sure they are not clogged. The clogged decks can pressurize the engine beyond its capacity and pushes it to work through jammed blades, which results in overheating; the solution is to clear the clogging.

Moreover, you need to wash the air paths and air cleaners to make sure the cooling system of the tractor keeps working optimally.

Last but not least, the lawn tractor could be overheating if you are mowing the wet and thick grass. This is because, with wet and thick grass, the engine will work harder, which is why it’s recommended that you let the grass dry down before you start mowing it.

Also, don’t forget to check the coolant level and make sure it’s up to the recommended levels.

When the Kubota GR2120 starts overheating, the engine will start stalling or it will completely shut down. So, if you witness these symptoms, you need to shut off the lawn tractor right away to prevent serious damage because overheating can melt the internal parts and blow out the gaskets, which increases the repair costs.

  1. Starter Not Working

Starter Not Working

The start issues are common in lawn tractors but they are quite easy to fix. In the majority of cases, the starter issues are caused by an expired battery and dirty terminal connections. If you’ve been using Kubota GR2120 for a long time, the starter issues are inevitable.

The first solution is to inspect the battery and make sure it’s properly charged. In addition, you have to check the terminal connections and clean them with a vinegar solution (the dirty terminals can negatively impact the connectivity).

On the other hand, if the battery is dead, you will need to get it jumpstarted or replaced to make sure it’s powering the electrical components properly. You must contact a professional mechanic to replace the battery because there are various connections associated with the battery and they should be handled properly.

Also, while you are inspecting the battery, look for leaks because chemical leakage from the battery can also cause starter issues.

  1. Erratic Handling

Erratic Handling

Handling issues with this lawn tractor are pretty common and users have been complaining about operational issues. In case your lawn tractor has an erratic handling issue, you need to check the transmission oil. The transmission oil is important to upkeep the system’s performance and operation.

This oil is responsible for maintaining the fluid pressure, lubricating the mechanical parts, preventing corrosion, and conditioning the gasket. So, if the transmission oil level is low, the handling and performance will be compromised. The solution is to replenish the transmission oil level.

  1. Transmission Problems

Transmission Problems

Kubota GR2120 tends to stop moving even if the engine is turned on and engaged. Such issues are caused by transmission errors, and in most cases, the transmission errors are caused by insufficient oil levels. The solution is to top up the oil level and the lawn tractor will start moving normally.

In addition to this, you need to inspect the parking brake because it plays a role in halting the tractor’s movement. If the brake looks rugged or damaged, the brakes need to be repaired.

  1. Engine Not Idling

Engine Not Idling

The idling issue is caused by a clogged fuel filter. The solution is pretty easy but the idling issue can cause extensive delays in the mowing and landscaping process. For this reason, we recommend that you inspect the fuel filter, and if it’s clogged, you need to wash it.

However, if the fuel filter seems worn out, it has to be replaced. You need to replace the fuel filter after every three to four months to keep the engine idling and functioning properly.

  1. Engine Starts & Shuts Off

Engine Starts & Shuts Off

If your lawn tractor is starting up normally but it dies before you even start mowing, you have to check the fuel lines, fuel, and spark plug. First of all, bad fuel is the most common reason, and since fuel breaks down with time, it becomes less efficient.

This fuel can also clog the fuel system and damage the engine. The solution is to drain out the old fuel and fill it up with new fuel. In addition, you can get a fuel stabilizer to maintain the fuel’s quality for a longer time.

Secondly, you need to check the air filter because, with regular mowing, the grass and dirt can clog the air filter, which prevents the airflow. To fix this problem, you need to locate the filter, remove it, and clean it. In addition, if the air filter seems damaged, just get it replaced with a new one.

The third step is to check the fuel lines because the old fuel can cause the buildup of dirt and deposits in the lines, which restricts the flow of fuel. You have to clear the clogging and use a carburetor cleaner as it helps with cleaning. In addition, it’s better that you replace the fuel filter as well.

Last but not least, keep the engine oil level to the recommended level because excess oil increases the pressure in a crankcase, resulting in overheating and shutting off. So, check the manual to determine the suitable engine oil level and optimize the engine oil level accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Kubota GR2120 is one of the most reliable lawn tractors in the market but it needs proper maintenance to keep working optimally.

It is recommended that you conduct a monthly maintenance schedule to prevent these issues from happening. If you have to get the mechanical parts replaced or repaired, you must hire a professional mechanic.

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