2 Common New Holland 8970 Transmission Problems

new holland 8970 transmission problems
new holland 8970 transmission problems

New Holland tractors are the best thing that you can get to work on your farm and not only they provide you with the right power to make it work for all the needs you might have on your farm, but these machines are far more durable than any other options you might be able to find.

Yet, to harness all that power, you need the right transmission that couples with the engine perfectly. There are several known problems that can occur commonly with New Holland 8970 and a few of them that you should know about are:

New Holland 8970 Transmission Problems

1) Jerks on the clutch

At times, you might feel like having a slight jerk while you are releasing the clutch. While the problem might be unnoticed most of the times, it can certainly grow and cause you to have a certain level of inconvenience that you wouldn’t like to have. There are certain reasons that can cause you to have this issue, and here is how you can get rid of it for good.


The first thing that you will need to check on is the calibration. Most of the times, you are facing these problems that is some problem with the calibration. So, you will need to make sure that the calibration is in right order. You can try different forward and reverse calibrations until the jerk is totally gone and that will be just the perfect thing for you to get rid of the problem.

Another reason that you might be having this jerk is due to some issue with the clutch spring. The clutch spring might be either rusty and old, or it might be simply broken from some place and that can cause you to feel this jerk. So, replacing the clutch peddle spring would be the best thing to get it all sorted for you.

2) Gears getting Stuck

At times, you are also stuck with the problem with your gears getting stuck while shifting on the New Holland 8970. Especially, if you are trying to shift them from forward to reverse or vice versa, they can get pretty bad. So, you will have to ensure that you are checking the problem thoroughly and getting it fixed.


These problems at the best can be fixed pretty easily and you will need to make sure that the transmission oil is not due a change if you are facing this problem. You have to make sure that you are using the right amount of transmission oil and it should not exceed or less than the required amount and that will do the trick for you. You will also need to ensure that you are following the oil change schedule regularly.

Another reason for you to have this problem can be using the wrong grade of transmission oil. You need to consult the owner’s manual and ensure that you are getting the right oil that is needed to sort it out for you and that will save you all such troubles that you might be facing.

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