3 Most Common Kobalt Lawn Mower Problems

kobalt lawn mower problems
kobalt lawn mower problems

It goes without saying that regular mowing is the key to achieving a lush green lawn. Regardless of the size of your yard, a lawn mower is a worthwhile investment. Not only do lawnmowers save you time and effort, but they also help the grass grow evenly.

Furthermore, they keep the pests in your yard at bay, making them a must-have for every gardener.

The last decade saw a boom in the sales of lawn mowers. Surveys reveal that over 80% of Americans have a lawn, and over 230 million Americans use lawn equipment to keep their yards healthy.

As lawn mowers kept growing in popularity, more and more companies started manufacturing them. As a result, the market is highly competitive with hundreds of brands.

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Kobalt is a popular company that designs and sells lawn mowers and other heavy machinery. Based in the USA, the company has decades of experience and surely knows how to manufacture reliable equipment.

With tons of features, the lawnmowers manufactured by Kobalt have earned a name in the industry.

No doubt, Kobalt lawn mowers are durable, but there are times when users face problems while using them. If not maintained properly, problems may arise and kill all the fun.

This article looks at some common problems with Kobalt lawn mowers along with their simple solutions. Read on to learn how to fix these problems.

Kobalt Lawn Mower Problems

Below are some common problems associated with Kobalt lawn mowers.

  1. Starting Problems

There have been many complaints regarding starting problems with the Kobalt lawn mowers. Many users have experienced hard starting, and sometimes, these lawn mowers don’t start at all.

If your lawn mower is not starting, it may be suffering from a number of failures . So, you’ll have to check many components to isolate the problem.

  • Battery


If your lawn mower is powered by a battery, make sure it is adequately charged. Of course, a lawn mower won’t run if its battery has died. If you are lucky, recharging the battery will bring your Kobalt lawn mower back to life.

Furthermore, check to see if the battery of your Kobalt lawn mower is in good working condition. As your lawn mower ages, its battery degrades, and it may not be able to hold the charge properly.

If that’s the case, the battery may die midway through mowing, and you will need to recharge it often. So, replace your battery and your Kobalt lawn mower will start working.

  • Fuel


Similarly, if your Kobalt lawn mower runs on fuel, make sure it has enough fuel. Check the fuel tank to determine whether your Kobalt lawn mower has enough fuel or not. Furthermore, check the tank for any leakage. If you detect any leakage point, consider referring to a mechanic straight away.

Remember that mowing with a lawn mower with a leaky tank can be dangerous. Since fuel is flammable, it can cause a fire. So, turn off your Kobalt lawn mower immediately and don’t use it until its tank is fixed.

  • Carburetor


A faulty carburetor could be another reason why your Kobalt lawn mower may not start. A carburetor plays a vital role in the combustion process of your lawn mower as it prepares the air/fuel mixture to initiate combustion. So, if there is something wrong with the carburetor, there will be no combustion, and ultimately, your lawn mower will not start.

Therefore, if you are having a hard time trying to start your Kobalt lawn mower, consider taking a look at its carburetor. Take it out of the unit and see if it is in good health. If it seems damaged, replacing it will fix the problem.

Carburetors can also get clogged or dirty over time. If so, the good news for you is that you won’t have to replace it.

Just clean it with a carburetor cleaner and reinstall it. Once done, start your Kobalt lawn mower to see whether it starts easily or not. If the issue persists, proceed to check the air filter of your Kobalt lawn mower.

  • Air Filter

Air Filter

Like the water filter at homes, the air filter filters the air before it enters the engine. However, the contaminants can dirty the air filter, hindering its performance. Engine misfiring and not starting are common symptoms associated with bad air filters.

To check the air filter of your Kobalt lawn mower, remove its cover and take it out of the unit. If the contaminants have turned it brown or black, consider replacing it. The process is quite straightforward, and you won’t need professional assistance.

Spark Plug

Lastly, a failing spark plug can also cause this problem in your Kobalt lawn mower. A spark plug is an important component as it creates a spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture. It may get corroded or damaged, causing the engine to run rough or not engage at all.

A spark plug is easy to check and clean. However, cleaning a spark plug is not recommended as it is an inexpensive component. However, if you do not want to replace it, consider using a spark plug cleaner to clean your dirty spark plug.

  1. Hard to Push

Hard to Push

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to push your Kobalt lawn mower. More often than not, this problem is caused by incorrect height settings on your lawn mower. If the grass in your yard is oversized, it would be a good idea to set your lawn mower to some higher height setting.

Many users do the configuration only when using it for the first time. However, experts suggest that you should set the settings according to the height of the grass every time before using your lawn mower. This ensures the smooth performance of your Kobalt lawn mower.

Apart from that, sometimes, the grass clippings in the bagger can also increase the weight of the machine, making it hard to maneuver.

Kobalt lawn mowers use baggers to catch grass clippings. As you mow your yard, the clippings keep piling in your bagger. So, if you haven’t removed the grass clippings in a long time, now might be a good time to get rid of them.

  1. Mulching Problems

Mulching Problems

Many users are not satisfied with the mulching performance of the Kobalt lawn mower. In most cases, excessive moisture in the grass causes this problem.

The moisture can cause grass clippings to clump together, making it hard to mulch. Therefore, it is recommended to mulch when there is less moisture in the air.

Moreover, make sure to install the mulching plug in your Kobalt lawn mower before mulching. Once you have installed the plug, your lawn mower will start mulching properly.

The Bottom Line

High durability and innovative features make Kobalt lawn mowers an obvious choice for many landscapers. However, you may run into a few problems while using them. If your lawn mower is not starting properly, make sure that the carburetor, air filter, spark plug, and fuel filter are in good health.

We have mentioned common problems with the Kobalt lawn mowers and their potential fixes in this article.

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