Lawn Mower Loses Power When Cutting? Try These 3 Fixes!

lawn mower loses power when cutting
lawn mower loses power when cutting

As long as you have the right gardening equipment, it doesn’t take much effort to manage the shape and structure of your yard. Brands like John Deere have been supplying the market with some of the top-tier gardening and farming accessories to the users. It is true that machines from these brands are a bit expensive, but they bring a ton of value to your setup. So, make sure to extend your budget and only purchase gardening accessories from established brands.

With that said, sometimes even the most reliable gardening products can run into basic problems. Recently a lot of reports have been recorded regarding the lawn mower losing power when cutting. So, let’s cover a few troubleshooting setups for this issue.

Lawn Mower Loses Power When Cutting

1. Check Air Filter

If you’re struggling to manage the power of your unit when you start cutting the taller grass, then your issues are likely linked to a clogged air filter. When the engine doesn’t have a sufficient supply of air, it is not able to maintain optimal power output. So, when an excessive load of the unit is put on the engine, it shuts down immediately.

To get ahead of this issue, you need to start by replacing the air filter. Luckily, the replacement method is quite straightforward, and you can purchase a replacement from any local hardware store. So, just install the filter replacement in your unit, and it should start working perfectly even under excessive load.

2. Top Up Oil Levels

Along with the air filter, you also have to manage the oil levels in your unit. Depending upon the model of lawn mower you’re using, it can help to use the dipstick to measure the oil levels. If the level of oil in your unit is below the recommended level, then make sure to add more oil. It can also help to completely drain out the old oil and add fresh oil to improve performance.

However, if you’ve recently changed the oil and the oil level in your unit was perfect a few days ago, then there is a chance that your oil valve is leaking. Make sure to inspect the valves in your unit for possible leakages and try patching up the leak or installing an oil replacement.

3. Call Customer Support

If the device is not fixed after replacing the fuel and air filters in your unit, then it is a good idea to reach out to customer support. Depending upon the brand you choose, the warranty policy will likely cover similar issues with the unit. So, before trying to fix the device yourself, just reach out to the supplier and explain the situation to him.

If your claim is valid, then you won’t have to worry as much about purchasing any replacement components. However, if the warranty has expired, then customer support will help you narrow down on the given issue. So, make sure to call the company number and provide them with detailed discretion of your issue. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with the same problem again.

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