Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Winter Storage (3 Solutions)

lawn mower won't start after winter storage
lawn mower won’t start after winter storage

There are many benefits of bagging or mulching grass. However, most people prefer mulching because the tiny grass pieces are fed back into the garden. Through this technique, the nutrients in your soil get a substantial boost.

However, when you walk on the grass, most of these little pieces will start sticking to your feet and will create a huge mess when you’re back inside. After mulching or bagging, most gardeners store their lawnmowers during winter, which is why we get a lot of queries about how some users’ lawn mower won’t start after winter storage.

If you’re also having trouble with the lawnmower, then follow these steps.

How To Fix A Lawn Mower That Won’t Start After Winter Storage

1. Check for Stale Fuel

Stale fuel is one of the primary reasons you’re having trouble with the lawnmower after winter storage. So, if you can’t get the lawnmower to start after winter, you should check the carburetor and remove the stale fuel from the lawnmower. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the lawnmower to start even if it is in perfect condition externally. To start, you just have to get rid of the stale oil while also checking the status of the carburetor.

If the situation is not that dire, you can fix the lawnmower by cleaning the carburetor. After that, just add in new fuel, and you will be able to fix lawn mower that won’t start after winter storage. This is why most experts recommend people get rid of the fuel in the lawnmower before storing it over winter.

2. Check Battery Status

If you got rid of the fuel before storing the lawnmower, the battery might cause this problem. Batteries need to be charged after regular intervals to maintain peak performance. However, if a  battery is left alone in the store for several months, you might not get any performance from the battery.

So, if you’re having issues with the lawnmower not starting, chances are, your battery has gone bad. You can test the battery terminals using voltage measuring devices, but if you can find any reading across the terminal, you will have to replace the battery. The lawnmower should start after replacing the battery inside.

3. Check The Plug

If you’re still unable to get the lawnmower working, you will have to check the spark plug inside the machine. Usually, the moisture in winter can cause issues with the spark plug. So, you will have to remove the spark plug from the machine and clean it properly. Make sure that the compartment is not wet and put it back inside. After that, you can try starting the lawnmower, and it should work perfectly.

Most of the time, the primary reason for this failure is stale fuel. So, there are high chances that your lawnmower will start working once you clean the carburetor and remove the old fuel from the machine. After that, you can just add in fresh fuel and try starting the lawnmower. However, if you’re unable to fix the machine after trying all of these methods, going to a repair shop might be a better option.

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