3 Ways To Fix Craftsman Lawn Mower No Primer Bulb Issue

craftsman lawn mower no primer bulb
craftsman lawn mower no primer bulb

There are different models of lawn mowers that you can get out there and not all of them are the same. Not only their brands might be different along with the design, but the mechanical components and the working structure can also vary which might get you in some confusion while changing your lawn mower.

Craftsman has some models of Lawn Mower that don’t have any primer bulb in them and it can get pretty hard to start them in lesser temperatures. If you are dealing with a craftsman lawn mower that doesn’t have a primer bulb on it,

here are a few things that you must keep in mind.

How to Fix Craftsman Lawn Mower No Primer Bulb?

1. Primer Bulb

Primer bulb is basically a switch or valve that is located between the gas tank and the engine. Most of the times it is on the carburetor and is used to fill the carburetor with fuel. The excessive fuel on the carburetor helps the engine to start during the cold starts, or when the fuel level is lower on the tank. Now, it can get pretty hard to start the craftsman lawn mower if there is no primer bulb to be located.

2. Small size

Most of these carburetors that you get on these lawn mowers are small in size and that is why it is hard to locate a primer bulb on them. It must be present there on most of the models and you should consult the owner’s manual to locate the primer bulb.

There can also be different mechanisms to activate it on different carburetors and these lawn mowers so it is better to call support before you can try out anything else. That would help you get a better idea of how you can cold start it.

3. Starter Fluid

However, if your model of craftsman lawn mower doesn’t have any primer bulb on it. There is nothing to be worried about either. There is still a way to get it started. You will need to make sure that you locate the fuel cord on your carburetor and then pull it out from one side.

Then, you will need to locate the air filter and take it off as well carefully. It would be better if you clean the air filter as well because the more often you clean your air filter, the better it will be for your engine and the lawn mower.

Now, you will need to get some starter fluid and carefully spray it in the fuel line and the carburetor. After that, you can reinstall the air filter and then start the motor again. That will help you to prime the carburetor effectively and after that, it will not have any problems in starting up.

This way, you can start it in low temperatures as well and a cold start is not going to cause you any issues either. You just have to make sure that the starter fluid doesn’t touch your air filter because that will cause you to have certain problems with the intake.

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