Kobalt 80V Mower Self-Propelled Not Working: 5 Solutions

Kobalt 80V Mower Self-Propelled Not Working
Kobalt 80V Mower Self-Propelled Not Working

Kobalt has been manufacturing gardening equipment and tools for a long time now. The company comes up with new lineups every few years equipped with unique and new features.

These are much better than the previous lineups which makes these tools amazing.

You should note that the brand also tends to fix problems with their previous models which shows how dedicated they are. Talking about this, the company has recently come up with an 80V lawn mower that is self-propelled.

This is a powerful tool that can last you a long time if used properly.

Though, there are also some problems that people can run into when using this device. Recently, some users started reporting that their Kobalt 80V self-propelled lawn mower is not working.


This can be quite frustrating if you notice that you are running into a similar problem.

Luckily, you should be able to get some reasons behind your issue by going through this article. These will also be provided along with some troubleshooting steps that can be used to ensure your problem is fixed.

Make sure that you go through the article carefully to avoid running into further issues.

Kobalt 80V Mower Self-Propelled Not Working

  1. Battery Might Require Charge

Sometimes the problem you are getting can be from the battery on your Kobalt 80V self-propelled lawn mower. While the 80V lithium-ion battery lasts people a long time you should note that even this can run out of power.

This should then be recharged before you can continue using the tool.

mower battery

Kobalt usually provides its users with a charger that can be used to charge lithium-ion batteries. You should note that plugging the battery into the charger while it is still connected to the lawn mower is possible.

However, the wire is quite short which can make this annoying.

This is why it is recommended that you first remove the battery and then connect it to your outlet. This way you can charge it in any room without having to worry about carrying the lawn mower with you.

Once the battery has completely charged, you can plug it back inside the lawn mower.

  1. Connections On Battery Might Be Clogged

If you notice that the battery is completely charged, but the lawn mower is still not working then, there is a high chance that the connections on the battery might be clogged. This usually happens if you have not been keeping your equipment clean.

You should remove the debris and dirt from the lawn mower after you are done using it. The process helps in ensuring that the device will last you a long time while avoiding issues.


If you have not been doing this, then small particles of dust will continue to enter your lawn mower. These will eventually block the battery compartment, preventing it from working. Luckily, the problem is easily fixable as the only thing you need to do is remove the dirt.

Make sure that you clean the connections properly by removing all the debris. Once done, plug the battery back in and it should start working without any further problems.

  1. Battery Might Be Overheating

If you have a large lawn, then there is a high chance that you use the lawn mower for long durations. When it comes to this, people need to understand that the Kobalt 80V lawn mower can overheat.

If this happens then your tool will stop working until the temperature lowers down.

Talking about this, you need to ensure that your equipment does not overheat. This helps in prolonging its life and ensuring that it can last you a much longer time.

mower overheat

Now that you understand this, another thing to note is that Kobalt has a security feature on its power tools.

This allows the tools to shut down in case they notice any overheating to keep them protected. The charger can also heat up in a similar way which is why keeping it cool is also important.

While one reason behind the problem is prolonged use, another reason can be the climate in your area.

This is why if you are living in a warm area then make sure that you keep the tools stored carefully.

  1. Battery Might Be Too Old

While lithium-ion batteries use power efficiently one thing to note about them is that they gradually lose their ability to hold a charge. This means that with time, the battery will become useless and require a replacement.

You can usually confirm this by testing the battery using a voltmeter. The resistance ratings on the tool should help you in confimring if the battery can still hold a charge or not. Make sure that you try cleaning the connectors on the battery as well.


If the battery is not holding any charges then your only option is to get it replaced with a new one. People can usually order the battery by contacting Kobalt. Just make sure that the voltage ratings on your new battery are the same as your older one.

People can also use 80V lithium batteries from other brands, but this is usually not recommended. This is because the lawn mower can often get damaged by third-party parts.

  1. Faulty Parts in Lawn Mower

Finally, if you are still running into the same problem even after trying out all the steps mentioned above then there is a high chance that your lawn mower might have faulty parts. This is quite rare but the parts inside your tool can get damaged.


If this happens, you can either find out the damaged part on your own and then get it replaced. Alternatively, another option that you have is to contact the support team for Kobalt.

The team will try their best to provide you with a solution that can be used. People can then follow the instructions to get the problem fixed. In most cases, you can get the parts replaced by returning the lawn mower to the brand.

If your device was still under warranty then you should be able to receive free replacements and repairs.

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