4 Ways To Fix Middle Blade On Mower Not Cutting

Middle Blade On Mower Not Cutting
Middle Blade On Mower Not Cutting

No doubt, lawnmowers make our lives much easier by cutting the unwanted grass from our lawn or garden. This makes the lawn look much neat, clean, and maintained. They have a number of sharp blades at the end that moves so fast resulting in chopped grass.

With that said, many people often complain about the middle blade on the mower not cutting. This can be very problematic as the grass will cut unequally. This will make your lawn not appealing to the eye. If you are also facing such problems and cannot find the solution to them then do not worry. We will help you find the solutions by providing you with the possible reasons for the problems and their ultimate solutions.

Middle Blade On Mower Not Cutting

  1. Blade Is Not Sharp

One of the most common reasons for your middle blade in the mower not cutting is the worn-out blade. The blades are often worn out due to excessive wear and tear. Due to this reason, these blades do not cut the grass properly. To solve this issue, you can either sharpen the blades or replace them with a new blade. However, the second case is suitable only if the blades cannot be fixed anymore.

To prevent such situations in the future, it is recommended to maintain your mower blades by sharpening them more frequently.

  1. Speed Problems

The speed problem is another cause of the middle blade on the mower not cutting. If your mower is moving too fast then the blades will not be able to cut the grass efficiently. This means that you will have unbalanced grass growth. therefore, it is recommended to slow down.

Also, if the engine speed of the mower is too slow then it will not cut the grass smoothly. In such a case, it is recommended to always mow at full throttle.

  1. Damaged Blades

Damaged blades can also be the culprit for your problem regarding the mower’s middle blade. The blades can be damaged if you use the mower roughly. They may also get damaged if they are used very frequently. In both cases, the main problem is the maintenance of your lawnmower. In such scenarios, all you can do is replace the damaged blades with a new one. For further prevention, it is recommended to maintain your mower properly.

  1. Blade Installed Incorrectly

If the middle blade is installed incorrectly, it will not do the cutting. It might also cause damage to the mower. It is quite common to install the blades upside down. This is because both sides of the blade are sharp. If they are not properly observed before installation, they might cause problems. To prevent such situations, it is recommended to observe the blades before installation to prevent such situations.

All in all, we have provided you with all the basic problems that might cause the middle blade of the mower to not to do the cutting. We hope that you find our article helpful. For more information, go through the above-mentioned article.

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