3 Most Common Troy Bilt Self Propelled Mower Problems 

troy bilt self propelled mower problems
troy bilt self propelled mower problems

If you’re looking to reduce the time it takes to manage your garden, then Troy Bilt is the perfect brand for you. There is a wide variety of accessories available on this brand that can be purchased at an affordable rate. So, if you’re just starting to get into gardening as a hobby, then Troy Bilt might be the perfect fit for your gardening projects.

There have been a ton of queries recently regarding Troy Bilt’s self-propelled mower. So, let’s cover a few basic issues that you can expect to run into while using this machine.

Most Common Troy Bilt Self Propelled Mower Problems

1. Power Loss

Dealing with power loss with Troy Bilt Mower is one of the most common problems that customers report regarding this product. Most of the time, this issue can be traced back to clogged filters or valves in your unit. Luckily, the troubleshooting steps for this problem are quite straightforward, and all you need to focus on is replacing the clogged filters.

So, if you’ve not replaced the air and fuel filters in a long time, now might be a good time to do so. Along with the clogged filter, using poor-quality fuel can also cause a similar problem in your unit. If you’ve been cutting down on fuel quality to save a few bucks, then make sure to drain out the gas from your unit and add fresh fuel to your unit. Otherwise, the unit will run into several problems in the long run.

2. Excessive Vibration

Even though it is common for a lawnmower to shake during the mowing process, if you can’t seem to control the movement of the lawnmower because of excessive shaking, then there is probably something stuck in the unit. Depending upon the roughness of the terrain, you will have to manage the cleanliness of your unit if you want to keep it in perfect condition.

In most situations, you will notice debris lodged into the unit, which will cause the mower to shake. So, all you have to do is clean out the debris stuck in the mower, and that should fix your vibration issues.

3. Starting Problems

There are many factors that can lead towards starting problems with a Troy Bilt Self Propelled Mower. Most often than not, you will notice poor performance because of a bad fuel pump that is not supplying the engine with a sufficient amount of gas. In this situation, the only thing you can do is to replace the fuel pump.

However, in some situations, people have mentioned that they were able to get around this problem by replacing the spark plug. So, before spending money on a new fuel pump, try to check the integrity of the spark plug. Make sure to manage the gap in the spark plug and try starting the unit again. If it doesn’t come on and the lawnmower is going nowhere, then you will have to purchase a new pump. Similarly, using a multimeter on your battery terminals is also a good option for isolating this problem.

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  1. My mower had 5W30 regular, cuz what I had, old gas, same reason, now after idle started varying enough to die. Changed the Oil and the Gas to new full synthetic for the oil and new gas in place of the old gas. This is a bare bones mower it has only an air filter, which I cleaned and dried, anyway idle still varies wildly with all of that. Next is finding a wrench to fit narrow plug, under a 1/2 inch socket.. Have not yet gotten plug out, but will not stay running when hot, trying to engage self propel makes it die.

    • The switch to allow gas to flow is broken. It was extremely hard to open in the first place. Now it has to stay on and I cannot crank it. Can this switch be replaced? This is a push mower, not a riding mower.

  2. 2023 troy bilt riding mower when hot will not go up hill belts are not the problem. in shop for 2 weeks. they do not have a clue


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