Dashboard Caterpillar Warning Light Symbols – 9 Elements to Look Out For

dashboard caterpillar warning light symbols
dashboard caterpillar warning light symbols

Caterpillar equipment is some of the best in the market with cutting-edge landscaping machines. There are various excavators, wheel loaders, track loaders, backhoe loaders, and various attachments to make the landscaping job easier.

These loaders and excavators have a dashboard with various warning light symbols that show the performance, fuel level, temperature, and more. To complete the landscaping job properly, it is important to understand different warning light symbols and their meaning.

Dashboard Caterpillar Warning Light Symbols

  1. Engine Warning Light

Engine Warning Light

The engine warning light on the Caterpillar dashboard signifies a variety of errors. When this light comes on, it usually means that something is wrong with the engine and needs immediate action.

It is suggested to shut off the equipment as soon as the engine warning light comes on. Many people don’t take the engine warning light seriously because the equipment drives normally. However, since it indicates an issue with the engine, you must be cautious.

It is better to call a technician to diagnose the issue. In some cases, the light comes on due to faulty sensors, which is why you should get the electrical sensors checked (your technician can also check these sensors to determine the root cause).

Usually, the sensor-related issues are easier to fix because the engine-related errors take more time and money.

  1. Brake Warning Light

Brake Warning Light

The brake warning light on the Caterpillar dashboard turns on when the brake fluid levels are low in the system. In case this light doesn’t go off when you release the parking brakes, it is important to check the brake fluid level.

The brake fluid is important to keep the brakes lubricated (lubrication is important to ensure proper functionality).

The brake fluid amplifies the foot force on the pedals, promising smoother functionality. So, if the brake warning light is turned on, you need to call a mechanic and get the brake fluid container filled up. Keep in mind brake fluid is different from engine oil, so don’t confuse them.

  1. Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

As the name suggests, this warning light turns when the tires don’t have enough air pressure. The tires need to have sufficient air pressure to move. In addition, low air pressure in the tires can lead to physical damage to the tires and you will need to replace the tires.

So, make sure the air pressure is maintained as it leads to even wearing, which prolongs the life of the tires. In addition, well-pressured tires promise better fuel economy.

Keep in mind that if the tires have low air pressure, the equipment will be challenging to handle. So, it’s important that you keep an eye on the tire’s air pressure and keep it at an optimal level to ensure comfortable functionality and dependable traction.

Lastly, when you purchase the Caterpillar loaders and excavators, always check the air pressure in the tires before using them.

  1. DEF Fluid Warning Light

DEF fluid in the Caterpillar equipment is added to the exhaust stream to turn the harmful emissions, such as NOx gases into water and nitrogen, which not only saves the engine but reduces the air pollution as well.

If this warning light glows on the dashboard, it means that the DEF level has reached the trigger point (it glows when the fluid level reduces to below 19%).

When this warning light turns on, there are chances that the engine will turn off, and even if it stays on, it will operate only at 1000RPM. In addition, you will hear the warning sound. To fix the issue, you should fill up the DEF tank and the warning light will turn off automatically.

  1. Emissions Fault Warning

The emission is an important component of the Caterpillar equipment or vehicle because it shows information about the emissions control system. The emission system is usually integrated with an oxygen sensor, which keeps an eye on the fuel burning of the vehicle.

So, when this warning light turns on, it indicates that the engine is burning too much fuel (it can also turn on when the fuel burning is not sufficient).

The emission system is designed in compliance with the federal standards, so if the vehicle is polluting air more than the permitted level, the emission warning will come on.

As far as the solution is concerned, you have to call a mechanic to have a look at the emission system and engine to identify the root cause. Usually, the engine has improper fuel burning when the engine oil levels are low or if there are mechanical issues with the emissions system.

So, calling the mechanic is the only option as they can outline the root cause and fix it. Also, you should switch off the vehicle as soon as the emissions light comes on to make sure you don’t pollute the environment.

  1. Engine Oil Pressure

Engine Oil Pressure

The engine oil is responsible for cleaning and cooling down the engine to make sure its lifespan is enhanced and the engine is free from corrosion. In addition, engine oil helps prevent clogging of the engine and ensures smooth engine running while reducing the CO2 emissions and optimizing the fuel consumption.

The engine oil pressure is also important as it ensures proper lubrication of the engine and related components. The optimal pressure ranges from 50 PSI to 65 PSI.

However, when the engine oil pressure warning light comes on, it means that the pressure is low than the recommended level. In most cases, the engine oil’s pressure gets low when there is too much load on the vehicle or if there is not enough engine oil.

So, remove some load from your Caterpillar vehicle and see if the light turns off. On the other hand, if removing the load doesn’t work, you need to get the engine oil changed and make sure the tank is filled up to ensure seamless pressure.

  1. Coolant Temperature

Caterpillar adds the coolant temperature sensor in the loaders and other vehicles as it helps measure the coolant or antifreeze mix’s temperature in the system. It helps determine how much heat is being produced by the engine.

Usually, the coolant temperature ranges from 82-degrees Celsius to 94-degrees Celsius, depending on the ambient temperature and engine load. However, if the coolant temperature rises beyond this limit, you have to reduce the load from your vehicle to ease the engine.

In addition to this, you should get the cooling system checked because the leaking coolant can also lead to temperature fluctuations, hence the light.

Ideally, you should call the Caterpillar dealer to fix this issue but you can also call a local mechanic to fix the leaks in your vehicle’s coolant system. Last but not least, always use the coolant that’s recommended by Caterpillar because every coolant has a specific temperature range.

  1. Tachometer

The tachometer is a gauge that shows the engine speed in RPM. When the throttle control’s level is pushed to the full throttle position, the engine will operate at a high idle which means that the engine is operating at full RPM.

However, there are times when people go over the recommended speed limit and the tachometer will start giving a warning because high idle RPM can damage the engine permanently. The solution is as simple as reducing your engine speed.

  1. Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery Disconnect Switch

The battery is important to provide the electricity that’s needed for the electrical components of the vehicle to operate. It can transform the chemical energy provided by the engine into electrical energy.

It is connected to the engine, and when the battery disconnect switch turns on, it means that the battery has been disconnected. As a result, various parts of the vehicle will stop working.

To fix the light, you need to connect the battery to the engine (there are plugs for easier connection). However, it’s recommended to hire a mechanic as they can determine the reason for disconnection, such as battery plugs.

The Bottom Line

Caterpillar vehicles are great for people who are involved in landscaping as there are loaders and excavators available. In addition, the addition of a dashboard helps you keep an eye on the performance with the help of warning lights.

So, if any of the warning lights turn on, you should call a professional mechanic or Caterpillar assistance team to ensure long-term solutions.

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