Cat Skid Steer Parking Brake Keeps Coming On? Try These 3 Troubleshooting Steps Now!

cat skid steer parking brake keeps coming on
cat skid steer parking brake keeps coming on

Gone are the days when construction work was hectic and tedious. As technology advanced, the industry saw a number of equipment and machines to simplify the troublesome tasks. A skid steer is one of them.

Skid steer gets its name from its turning motion. Rather than using wheels to move, one side of the skid steer tracks turns faster than the other.

Modern skid steers are designed to suit various purposes, such as digging, lifting materials, and maneuvering materials from one place to another. They even find their uses in agriculture, making them a highly versatile vehicle.

Cat is a popular skid steer manufacturer known worldwide for manufacturing highly advanced and efficient skid steers. They have manufactured dozens of excellent skid steer models over the years and enjoy a great reputation in the industry.

However, no matter how advanced and well-constructed a skid steer is, it will start showing problems over time. If not fixed right away, these problems can be a headache for the operator. Parking brake coming on is a common problem with these skid steers.

Many users have reported that the parking brake keeps coming on sometimes after every several minutes. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, this article will help you out!

Cat Skid Steer Parking Brake Keeps Coming On

Below are some of the most common reasons why the Cat skid steer keeps coming on and their solutions.

  1. Fix Seat Safety Switch

Fix Seat Safety Switch

This parking brake issue is reported by many consumers saying that they might have a faulty seat safety switch in the machine. Sometimes, the operator’s weight releases the seat safety switch, which can lead to this problem. If that’s the case, you will have to calibrate the safety switch again.

Your Cat skid steer will not function properly if the safety switch is problematic. You can fix the problem by bypassing the safety switch entirely or cleaning the connection points for a seamless power flow.

If the problem persists, there is probably something wrong with the solenoid or relay of your skid steer.

A solenoid is a control unit that allows or shuts off the hydraulic fluid flow in a skid steer. If it is not properly working, the hydraulic fuel will not flow properly. Hydraulic fuel plays a vital role in power transmission and heat dissipation. This is why a solenoid is crucial for your skid steer.

If the solenoid is worn out, consider replacing it. It is advised to reach out to a mechanic to get the solenoid and other components replaced. If you want to replace it yourself, be careful, as interacting with these components can be dangerous if you do not have enough knowledge.

  1. Faulty Parking Brake Switch

Faulty Parking Brake Switch

If the parking brake on your Cat skid steer keeps coming on, it might be due to a problematic parking brake switch. So, even if your seat safety switch is working fine, you can still encounter a brake problem if your parking brake switch is faulty.

If you suspect that the parking brake switch is causing this problem, consider checking it with the help of a voltage tester and an external power source. If the resistance across the wiring is not right, you will have to purchase a switch replacement.

The good news for you is that this replacement won’t cost you more than a few bucks, and you can replace it yourself.

Use a multimeter to check your parking brake switch and ensure that it is working properly once you have replaced it. And yes, do not forget to power off the ignition before starting any repair or replacement.

  1. Improper Positioning of Brake Shoes

Improper Positioning of Brake Shoes

Poor positioning of brake shoes can also lead to the parking brake problem in the Cat skid steer. They must be installed correctly to prevent this problem. Thankfully, they can be adjusted to fix the brake problem.

However, the process is time-consuming and involves the removal of a few components. So, if you have a hectic schedule and time is money for you, it is recommended to hire a mechanic for this purpose.

  1. Faulty Cables

Faulty Cables

Worn-out or detached parking cables are another common reason for the parking brake problem. So, check to see if all the cables are in good working condition or not.

Furthermore, make sure that they are connected to both sides. Cables and nuts may go loose over time, causing this problem. If that’s the case, tighten them.

  1. Visit a Workshop

Visit a Workshop

If you have tried the aforementioned fixes and none of them has worked for you, visiting your local mechanic is the last resort. The problem could be deeper than it seems on the surface.

The machinery consists of dozens of little knick-knacks, making it hard for a non-professional to diagnose the problem. Not only is it dangerous, but it can also be costly. The last thing you’d want is to damage a component while repairing.

Furthermore, do not wait for the problem to get worse. Reach out to a mechanic right away when you see a problem. This will make sure that the problem is dealt with in time. Of course, the same problem can balloon into something worse and cost you an awful lot of your money.

Professional mechanics deal with these cases every day. They have the right knowledge and experience to help you out. They will tell you what is wrong with your Cat skid steer and what needs to be done.

Although it is not a common reason, wet and cold temperatures can also prevent your parking brake from working properly. If so, switch on your Cat skid steer and let it warm up for several seconds before using it. It may take some time, but it will surely fix the problem.

Furthermore, the Cat skid steer comes with a user manual for guidance. This manual has instructions from the manufacturer regarding different components of the vehicle. So, make sure to give it a read if you are unable to detect the problem.

Final Thoughts

Skid steers are widely used vehicles for construction and farming. Cat is a famous skid steer brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality skid steers. Although its skid steers are quite durable, their parking brake keeps coming on sometimes.

There could be many reasons for this problem, including faulty seat safety switches, parking brake switches, or something wrong with the cables. Consider visiting your mechanic to get the problem fixed efficiently and quickly.

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