Cat Skid Steer Cranks But Won’t Start? Try These 4 Methods Now!

cat skid steer cranks but wont start
cat skid steer cranks but wont start

If you have any projects that require some form of demolition, roadwork or debris removal then Cat skid steer is your best bet. These are short vehicles that are used for multiple purposes.

Their versatility makes them such highly demanded construction vehicles. Even those tasks that do not require a lot of heavy lifting, can still benefit quite a bit from skid steers.

Cat is a well known brand that has established itself in the heavy vehicles industry. People from various different cities rely on these skid steers for their projects on a weekly basis. If you have a decent sized budget to invest in such a vehicle then Cat should be your first option.

However, like any other machinery, Cat skid steers can also encounter certain common problems. One such issue is that it won’t start even after you crank it. If you have faced a similar issue then you should read ahead to find out ways to troubleshoot it.

Cat Skid Steer Cranks But Won’t Start

  1. Check The Start Key

Check The Start Key

This is the most basic step. Chances are that there won’t be a significant issue with the start key because your Cat skid steer is cranking. However, it does not hurt to check the start key.

Unplug the switch and check out the wiring. This is a technical step so if you do not have the required expertise then it is better to get this checked by an expert.

Tampering too much with the wiring by yourself can mess things up even more. If your vehicle is still under warranty then you should be careful because if you break something or damage something yourself then the terms will be nullified.

  1. Check Solenoid Connectors

Check Solenoid Connectors

Solenoid connectors are supposed to stay connected properly and securely in place but sometimes due to dirt and rust build up, many issues can arise. If your Cat skid steer is not starting, this is the place that you should check first.

The main reason is that if these connectors get loose or lose their effectiveness due to dirt build up then the vehicle will not start.

Check out the connectors and give them a thorough cleaning. The correct way to remove rust from this unit is to dilute vinegar and use a brush to apply a layer on the target areas. Then gently wipe away all the dust and rust from the connectors.

Then reattach them and start your Cat skid steer. If the problem was originating from the solenoid connectors then the machine should start right away after they have been cleaned because the power will flow through smoothly now without any interruptions.

  1. Check Fuel Intake

Check Fuel Intake

If the fuel intake valve on your Cat skid steer is leaking or has some issues then it will prevent the vehicle from starting even after cranking. The fuel intake of a machine should be managed properly so that there’s no problem in starting it. To figure out the real problem, you need to check out the intake valve.

If the fuel valve is damaged or leaking, you will have to get it replaced so that the problem is completely resolved without any issues. If you do not see any noticeable damage or leakage then you should ascertain that there is no blockage in the valve. Give it a good cleaning so that the fuel intake is smooth.

  1. Call Professional Help

Call Professional Help

If you have recently bought your Cat skid steer then your first step should be to confirm whether your vehicle is still under the warranty or not. If the warranty for your machine is still existent then you will not have to run yourself after purchasing replacement parts or vehicle checks that are needed.

You can get all that done from the Cat customer support department. If your skid steer is not starting then you should call them to explain the entire situation.

It is their responsibility to immediately connect you to the concerned experts who will guide you on what to do next. If a replacement is required for any component then they will have to get it delivered to you free of cost because your product’s warranty is still valid.


A skid steer is counted amongst large vehicles. Whenever there is a problem with such machines, it is difficult to deal with them by yourself as that can lead to more problems than good.

You need to judge the situation and see if your vehicle is still new and the warranty is intact then it is better to talk to the brand itself. They will know their product and its issues better.

They will also have better experts onboard who will know how to deal with the situation at hand best without making you incur any more expenses.

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