AeroGarden Bounty vs AeroGarden Bounty Elite: Which One?

aerogarden bounty vs bounty eliteAeroGarden is a famous brand that has come up with tons of home-growing systems over the years. These are manufactured so that people can grow plants indoors without any issues.

You should note that the devices usually keep a check over most of the factors required to keep plants healthy.

This is why you will notice that people trying to plant varieties indoors go for these devices. The best thing about AeroGarden lineups is that they are hydroponic.

This technology allows plants to grow without any soil which can be amazing.

The process mainly allows the device to save about 80% water when compared to plants that are growing in soil.

This can be amazing as you get to save water while not having to use any soil, but the main issue here is that there are some limitations when growing varieties.

With that being said, AeroGarden Bounty and Bounty Elite are two of the best models that this brand has come up with.

Both of these are amazing but there are also some differences between these devices. If you are confused between them then going through this article should help you out.

This is because we will be providing you with a comparison between these two devices.

AeroGarden Bounty vs AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Home Growing System AeroGarden Bounty AeroGarden Bounty Elite
LED Lights Wattage 40 Watts Grow Lights 50 Watts Grow Lights
Wi-Fi Capabilities Wi-Fi Enabled Wi-Fi Enabled
Voice Control Capabilities Alexa Enabled Alexa Enabled
Grow Light Configuration Dimmable Grow Light Infinite Dimming Light
Display Touch Screen Display Touch Screen Display

AeroGarden Bounty

AeroGarden Bounty is one of the most popular growing systems that you can purchase.


The device comes in several designs that people can choose from. This includes different color options for the bounty variant while you can even get the basic and elite models.

You should note that the bounty variant is one of the latest growing systems AeroGarden has come up with.

The tool is equipped with tons of features that allow people to have a fun time using it. The display on the device is a touch screen that can be used to control the different features.

The screen is also paired up with different buttons that can be used as well as to browse through the settings. One of the best things about the AeroGarden Bounty is that it now comes with support for Wi-Fi.


This can be quite useful as you can connect your growing system with your internet connection.

Once this is done, you can then install the AeroGarden home application on your mobile phone and set up an account.

This can then allow people to control their growing system and even configure it from their mobiles. Having the option to keep a check on your device from a distance can be amazing.

Another great thing about the Wi-Fi features enabled is that you can even control the Bounty lineup using Alexa. The team is still working on enabling other voice assistants in the future, but this might take some time to work.

One issue with the devices from AeroGarden was their limitations. When growing plants on a device like this, several things should be kept in mind.

The most important factor is ensuring that the system has enough spacing so that the plants can grow without any issues.

Previous models of AeroGarden usually lacked height which is why people could only plant from a limited choice.

However, the Bounty lineup is now equipped with an adjustable height that can be changed up to 24 inches. This can be great as you have a wider variety of plants to choose from.


On top of this, the spectrum lighting on the device can replicate sunlight, allowing the plants to stay healthy.

This can also be adjusted according to the height of your plants which makes it useful. The wattage ratings on the lights are around 40 watts which can be lowered.

Keep in mind that you can only dim the lights by choosing from the list of options provided by AeroGarden. There is no option to select the exact wattage ratings required when adjusting the spectrum lighting.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite is another growing system from the same brand that has also been getting a lot of popularity recently.

bounty elite

When comparing the device with the standard Bounty model, you should note that there are only a few differences.

The main reason behind this is that the Bounty Elite lineup is just an improved version of the Bounty model. Both devices have almost the same features which are why tons of users might get confused between them.

You should note that the differences can also be negligible in most cases.

One of the first differences people will notice is that the LED spectrum lights on the Bounty Elite version run at 50 watts instead of 40.

This allows the device to produce higher levels of heat which can amazing. On top of this, the device comes with an automatic sunrise and sunset detection system.

This can be useful as the system will lower or increase the lighting on its LED lights on its own. This allows the device to better replicate the sun, ensuring that your plants are kept healthy.

You should note that the Bounty Elite variant also comes with the option to alter the lights as much as you want to.

Instead of having a preset of dimming options to choose from, you can simply alter the settings and lower the wattage down to any number.

This can be great in case you are trying to plant a variety that does not require much light. Alternatively, you might be trying to save power.

Finally, the Bounty Elite model is built using a stainless-steel finish that not only makes it look better but also makes the device durable.

Overall, both of these devices are amazing, and they should last you a long time without any issues. Though, selecting one of them depends on your personal preferences and usage.

The Bounty Elite variant is mostly better for people that want to plant tons of herbs in controlled lighting.

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