Gardyn Growing System vs AeroGarden Growing System: Which One?

gardyn vs aerogarden
gardyn vs aerogarden

Home growing systems are devices that allow people to plant different varieties indoors. You should note that the technology is fairly new, but it has quickly been getting quite popular.

The main reason behind this is that these tools come with tons of features that can be useful for people.

The devices are equipped with LED lights that will replicate sunlight to keep your plants healthy. These also come with a hydroponic system that allows the system to grow plants without any soil.

This can be great but there are also tons of factors that should be kept in mind regarding the feature.

There are tons of brands that have been manufacturing devices like these, but Gardyn and AeroGarden are among some of the top choices when it comes to home-growing systems.

While both of these are amazing, you will notice that the features on these devices are also quite similar.

This is mainly why tons of people get confused between the two brands when trying to purchase a device from them.

You might run into the same problem which is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these brands.

Going through the information provided below should not only help you in understanding which device is better but should also allow you to purchase one of them without any worries.

Gardyn Growing System vs AeroGarden Growing System

Home Growing System Gardyn Growing System AeroGarden Growing System
Capacity 30 Pods Supported 6 to 24 Pods Supported
Lighting System Full Spectrum Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting
Water Level Alerts Enabled By Default Enabled By Default
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Supported Yes (Only On Some Models)
Mobile Application iOS and Android Support Only Available For Some Models

Gardyn Growing System


Gardyn is a famous brand that is mostly known for its Gardyn Home Kit. This is a home-growing system that works using a hydroponic system to grow plants.

If you are unfamiliar with these devices, then you should note that these can grow varieties by circulating water inside them.

There are two major benefits when using a hydroponic system that includes having no worries about replacing the soil, as well as saving water.

When comparing a hydroponic system with a standard garden, people will notice that over 80% of the liquid poured is saved.

This happens because most gardens will use some of the water while the rest of it gets washed away.

Excess Water In Soil

However, when using a hydroponic system, 99% of the liquid will be consumed by the plants. Instead of having to keep your soil full of nutrients, the only thing required is using plant food.

This should be added inside the compartment next to the water reservoir on the device. Once done, the device should work efficiently without any problems.

Going through the information provided above, people can see how these growing systems are so efficient and popular.

Although, the main thing that should be noted is that these devices also have tons of differences that can be noticed between them. The Gardyn Growing System is one of the most unique devices that you will come across.

The way this device is built is that it allows people to grow plants vertically.

Most growing systems can easily be confused with the AeroGarden system as all of them have similar shapes and features.

However, the Gardyn Growing System completely changes this as it allows people to grow a lot more plants using a lot less space.

This is achieved by the unique vertical design that uses height instead of spreading across your house.

wifi symbol

The technology is quite effective as you can have a constant supply of harvests without any need to keep a check on the plants.

Another great thing about this device is that it supports Wi-Fi compatibility.

This can be used to control the device from a distance or use the camera to look at the varieties planted in case you are not at your home. Having the option to keep a check on the status of your plants can be amazing.

AeroGarden Growing System

Aerogarden harvest elite

AeroGarden is another famous brand that is also known for its hydroponic home-growing systems.

When comparing this brand with Gardyn, people will notice that there are tons of similarities, but the list of differences is much larger.

The first thing to note is that AeroGarden has tons of lineups that you can choose from. On the other hand, Gardyn only has one lineup which is their Home Kit 2.0.

This is a major factor as the features on the different models from AeroGarden highly vary.

People can generally see that AeroGarden provides its users with a wider variety of devices to select from. Though, this also means that the price range, list of features, and specifications of this equipment will highly vary.

To avoid further confusion, it is much better that you only compare the model of AeroGarden that is similar to Gardyn.

The AeroGarden Farm 24XL is one of the best devices from the brand that is quite similar to the Home Kit from Gardyn. The features are mostly similar which include Wi-Fi support.


However, you should note that the AeroGarden device does not have any cameras.

Moreover, the support for plants is less as you can only plant 24 pods instead of 30. Other than this, the spectrum lighting is almost identical and even the wattage ratings are the same.

People can alter these by dimming them further on both devices. This can be great in case you are trying to grow varieties that don’t require much heat.

Other than this, the major downside of AeroGarden devices is that they are much larger when viewed horizontally.

This can be annoying, but the design allows you to place them on your shelves and racks.

On the other hand, the vertical design of the Gardyn Home Kit takes less space but can only be placed on the floor with enough clearance.

Overall, both devices are amazing to use but the choice comes down to your personal preferences.

This is why make sure that you go through both of these brands and decide on a product that you think suits your usage better.

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