Edn Growing System vs AeroGarden Growing System

edn vs aerogarden
edn vs aerogarden

Growing plants can be a lot of fun, though, people need to understand that there are also tons of things that they need to keep a check on.

When it comes to this, understanding the characteristics of the plant can help people in keeping them healthy for a longer time.

Herbs, vegetables, and fruits can be great options to plant in your house. Though, the main issue with these is that they require people to keep a check on them.

This is where indoor growing systems come in that can help in making the process easier.

Multiple brands have come up with products that can be used, however, Edn and AeroGarden growing systems are some of the top choices.

While these are amazing, the main issue people have is that the devices can look quite similar. This makes it harder for users to tell them apart.

Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two devices. Going through it should help you in understanding how these are different.

Moreover, people should also be able to tell which device will suit them better.

Edn Growing System vs AeroGarden Growing System:

Growing System Edn Growing System AeroGarden Growing System
Wi-Fi Capabilities Wi-Fi Enabled (Only iOS) No Wi-Fi
Automated LED Lighting Personalized Schedule Personalized Schedule
Gardening Guidance Automatic Notifications Automatic Notifications
Hydroponics System Soilless System Soilless System
Maximum Pods 10 6
Dimensions 16 x 6 x 11 17.4 x 6 x 10.5

Edn Growing System

edn growing system

Edn Growing Systems is a famous brand that has been manufacturing devices like these for a long time now. The company has come up with several lineups over the years, all of which are quite durable.

The latest device is equipped with tons of new features that ensure that your plants will be kept healthy.

The great thing about this device is that people can grow plants without having to keep a check on them. The tool will keep your plant in check at all times while providing it with the nutrients required.

This is done by keeping the water tank on your Edn growing system filled up.

The process allows the tool to circulate water within the growing system on its own. There is another compartment that has to be filled up with plant food.

plant food

This is provided by Edn growing system and you can order more once this runs out.

The great thing is that the device will keep your plants fed on their own. You can even set different schedules on the tool depending on the type of herbs or vegetables being grown.

This allows people to control all the functions on the device without any issues.

While the feature is amazing, the main complaint with it is that it is only compatible with iOS. This means that if you are using another operating system then you cannot use the Wi-Fi-enabled features of the growing system.

This can be quite annoying as the device locks out android users from this feature.

The lighting on the growing system is usually automated. Though, the great thing about these is that they can also be manually configured.

The lights replicate sunlight by having a wide spectrum that is displayed. This means that people don’t have to worry about keeping their plants near windows.

Planting vegetables, fruits, and herbs indoors are made much easier when using the Edn growing system but its features being limited to iOS is a huge drawback for tons of users.

Finally, the 12V adapter that comes with the product is more than enough to keep it powered up for long durations.

AeroGarden Growing System

aerogarden growing system

AeroGarden Growing System is another device that allows people to grow plants indoors. This is quite similar to the Edn device which is why people often get confused when trying to distinguish between them.

Though, you should note that there are several differences between the two devices.

When it comes to the pods on the AeroGarden, you should note that only 6 of them can be used at a time. This is much lower when compared with the 10-pods design on Edn.

Though, you should note that AeroGarden provides people with a much wider range of options they can choose from.

The hydroponics system on the device is one of its main features. This allows the system to grow plants without requiring any soil. Though, people need to understand that there are some issues with this as well.

Having your plants growing in liquids means that there will be some limitations.

When it comes to this, you can only grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits from a limited number of options. When comparing AeroGarden with Edn, people should note that the hydroponic system is available on both devices.


Though, the main difference between them is controllability.

People can usually access the interface of Edn by using their iOS models. While the feature is limited, it is still better than AeroGarden as it does not offer Wi-Fi capabilities yet.

Newer models from the brand might support the feature but at the time this is not possible.

The dimensions of both these devices are almost identical but you will notice that Edn offers more space to plant herbs. While this is true, the plants usually lack spacing which can prevent them from properly growing.

On the other hand, AeroGarden offers amazing spacing between the herbs being planted.

The spectrum lighting on both of these devices is also similar and the AeroGarden device uses 20V to power up.

This makes the device quite efficient considering it is going to be used for the entire day. AeroGarden also provides people with the option to set their device to sleep mode.

This allows the device to shut down for several hours during the night when no lighting is required. This not only saves energy but can also help in keeping the water clean.

Most people should be able to understand how both of these devices are different from each other.

If you still have any questions, then try contacting the support team for these brands. They should help you out by answering any queries that you have.

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