Do Plants Need Rest from Light? (Plant Health)

do plants need rest from light
do plants need rest from light

Going through a gardening book before starting a garden can save you from several issues over the long run. By following the instructions mentioned in a guide, you can avoid wasting your time as well as your money. So, if you’re clueless about the plant requirements and starting a garden, it is best to refer to a gardening guide before spending money on plants. Many gardeners seem to be confused about the concept of plants needing rest from light. If you’re also unsure about this concept, then follow the information mentioned below.

Do Plants Need Rest from Light? 

To be straightforward, yes, plants do need rest from light as they can’t keep up with the constant exposure. Whether you’re providing artificial lighting or direct sun exposure, it can be harmful to the plant if you don’t let the plant follow the day and night cycle. It is true that light helps plants grow and develop properly. However, excessive exposure to light can stun the growth of your plants over the long run.

The rest period allows plants to move the nutrients to other parts. This also slows down the growth process as your plant takes a break from the continuous production of food. In general, plants are not meant to create food 24 hours a day. They need proper rest time for long-term survivability and growth. So, if you want to sustain the development of your garden over the long run, it is best to avoid using lights when the sun goes down.

Many beginners have this misconception that providing plants with excess sunlight will somehow help them grow at a faster pace. Even though plants create food within the presence of light, they need a break as per the day and night cycles to maintain efficiency. However, if you keep the light exposure up 24 hours a day, there won’t be enough time for the plant to recover. After a few weeks, you will notice visible issues with the growth and health of the plant.

To avoid this problem, you should try to follow the natural cycle of turning off the lights when the sun goes down. That way, it will be easier for your plants to maintain a balanced light and darkness schedule. Other than that, the effects of extended exposure to sunlight can vary depending upon which plant you’re growing. So, make sure to refer to a gardening guide or your local experts about the proper requirements of the plant.

To Conclude

Yes, Plants need rest from light to recover and transfer nutrients. Providing them direct exposure for more than 18 hours a day can be harmful. It is true that plants need light to create food, but they also need a break to maintain efficiency and manage nutrients.

This is the reason why plants prosper while following the day and night cycle. So, you will have to manage your setup accordingly and don’t go over the 18 hours limit. Make sure that all the lights are turned off when it is dark outside. You can turn them back on when the sun is up.

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