VegeBox vs AeroGarden- Which One Is Better?

vegebox vs aerogarden
vegebox vs aerogarden

Buying vegetables, herbs, and fruits are quite common as these are healthy ingredients that can be used when making different types of dishes.

Though, some varieties are often required. When it comes to these, people should note that their quality plays a huge role when making something.

If you are simply buying fruit or vegetable from a store, then you cannot control their quality. This is why people also often think about growing these in their homes instead.

The process can be quite difficult which is why brands have started coming up with home-growing systems that can be used instead.

The devices are equipped with tons of features that ensure your plants can grow without any issues.

People should note that the devices can slightly vary depending on the brand that you decide to go for. This is why it is best that you carefully select the company as it should help you out later on.

VegeBox and AeroGarden are both considered to be some of the best options that you can go for. While both of these are amazing, there are also tons of similarities between them.

If you are getting confused because of this, then going through this article should help you in distinguishing between these two.

VegeBox vs AeroGarden

Plant Growing System VegeBox AeroGarden
Soil Requirement No (Hydroponic System) No (Hydroponic System)
Lighting Mode Full Spectrum Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting
Seed Support Yes Yes (On Some Models)
Power Ratings 22 Watts 20 – 50 Watts
Planting Pods Capacity 12 Planting Pods 9 Planting Pods

VegeBox Growing System


VegeBox is one of the best plant-growing systems that you can purchase. Most people hearing about this device think that it can only grow vegetables.

However, you should note that VegeBox is capable of growing herbs, fruits, as well as vegetables. Though, the options that can be planted are limited.

When talking about this, VegeBox usually provides its users with a list of plants that can be used on their devices. The list of options being limited is mostly due to the device being hydroponic.

This can be quite annoying as you can only plant varieties from the list provided.

Though, people should understand that there are also tons of benefits to having a hydroponic system. The lack of soil means that you will no longer have to worry about keeping it moist.

Additionally, the device stays clean as it only has water circulating inside it.

Hydroponic systems also save about 80% water when compared to a standard garden. This is because there is no wastage of liquids.

watering the soil

In most gardens, the soil absorbs some of the water while the rest of it gets washed away. This results in wastage of liquids and there is no way to stop this.

Another thing to note about the VegeBox growing system is that it can keep your plants healthy as long as you keep them filled up with water and plant food.

There are separate containers that you have to fill up and as long as this is done, the device will keep your plants fed on its own.

You also have the option to alter the settings depending on the varieties that you have planted. This can be great in case you want to grow seeds instead of using pods.

Just make sure that the plant food being used is compatible with the varieties being planted.

People can even grow different types of plants at the same time. Though, some things should be kept in mind when doing so. The first thing includes keeping enough spacing between the varieties.


This is important as some plants require more space to stay healthy.

Other than this, the nutrient requirements for the varieties should be similar as you can only use one plant food at a time.

The spectrum lighting on the VegeBox is another great feature that can allow the system to replicate sunlight. This runs on 22 watts which is usually enough when growing most plants.

You should also note that the VegeBox growing system has two size options that you can select from. One of these includes the 9 planting pods model that has slightly fewer features.

The second model is the 12 planting pods system which is expensive but also has a lot more features.

AeroGarden Growing System

aerogarden growing system

AeroGarden is easily the most popular growing system that most people already know about. This was one of the first brands to come up with a device like this.

Moreover, the company has come up with tons of models over the years.

These have gotten newer features and improvements with every new release as well. This is why people should first go through the official website of AeroGarden.

This should have all of the available products listed along with their specifications.

Going through them should help people better decide which model will suit them best. This is necessary as some models of AeroGarden only support 3 pods while others can plant up to 9.

The features of these models also greatly vary.

If simply talking about the best device from the brand, then the AeroGarden Bounty Elite is the best model that you can purchase.

This supports 50-watt spectrum lights that can keep most plants healthy. Even verities that require high heat can be planted even if you are living in a cold region.

However, this is not the only great thing about this model as it also supports automated features. People can connect the device to their Wi-Fi system so that it can be controlled from their mobile phones.

Having the option to control your device from a distance can be amazing.

This also lets people keep a check on how much food and water are left in the tank.

You can even set reminders that will give you notifications on your mobile phone or laptop whenever the AeroGarden growing system requires a refill.

Overall, both the AeroGarden and VegeBox devices are great options, but AeroGarden is easily the better option. The only reason why someone would go for VegeBox is if they are trying to look for a cheaper alternative.

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