4 Most Common Problems With Valtra T Series

valtra t series problems
valtra t series problems

Tractors have come a long way since their invention. Modern tractors are designed to suit different purposes and are widely used in industries as well.

However, they are still mainly used for farming. They make demanding farming tasks, such as plowing, tillage, and cultivation, an absolute breeze. This is why a tractor is also sometimes referred to as a farm vehicle.

As tractors got ubiquitous, more and more brands started manufacturing them. The agricultural market has seen hundreds of companies, but only a few enjoy a special place. Valtra is one of those companies.

Most Common Problems With Valtra T Series

Valtra needs no introduction in the agricultural industry. It is a well-known company specializing in manufacturing industry-leading tractors and other agricultural equipment.

Not only are their tractors durable, but they are also easy to use. The Valtra T series is one of the company’s most popular tractor lineups.

With that out of the way, no matter how well-constructed a tractor is, it will show a few problems over time. Today, we will be sharing the most common problems with the tractors from the Valtra T series. Keep reading till the end to learn the effective troubleshooting steps. Let’s dive right into it!

  1. Gearbox Problems

Gearbox Problems

Any farmer will tell you that gears are an important tractor component. They transfer motion and torque between different components and are used in pretty much every vehicle.

A gearbox, commonly known as transmission, is a set of gears in a housing. It allows the tractors to move efficiently and is even helpful in reducing speeds or shutting down.

Having said that, many users have faced gearbox problems while using the Valtra T series tractors. However, it is pertinent to mention that these problems are specific to the first-gen models of the T series.

Low fuel level is one of the primary reasons for gearbox problems. When these problems occur, you may find it difficult to switch between the gears. Switching between gears allows you to change your speed.

Expectedly then, a properly working gearbox is crucial to every tractor as you need to slow down and increase the speeds while performing various farming tasks.

If you encounter a gearbox problem, the fuse panel is the first thing you need to look at. Like other automobiles, tractors also use fuses for safety. In case excessive electricity is flowing through the electric circuits, a fuse blows out to keep your vehicle safe.

If the fuse of your Valtra T series tractor has blown out, you will have to replace it. A visual inspection will tell you whether it is good to use or not.

If playing with internal components is not your thing, it is recommended to visit your mechanic to get the fuse replaced. It may seem costly on the surface, but their knowledge and skills will certainly help you.

If you decide to replace the fuse on your own anyway, make sure to check its amperage rating. Fuses are available in different ratings, and you must buy the one with the same rating to replace your blown-out fuse.

And yes, you can read the user manual to know the location of the fuse panel in the Valtra T series tractor. Furthermore, do not forget to power off the ignition before starting the replacement process.

If all fuses look in good working condition, oil all the components, and it will most likely fix the issue.

  1. Engine Overheating

Engine Overheating

There is nothing more annoying than your tractor’s engine overheating. This issue is found in all tractors and may occur even when you do not overuse your tractor. If you have been facing this problem, take a look at your engine’s cooling system.

First, check to see if the radiator is clean. The radiator is the heart and soul of your engine’s cooling system as it regulates its temperature and avoids overheating issue.

However, as you use your tractor, dust particles from the surroundings may get stuck on the radiator. This situation leads to the engine overheating.

If the radiator of your Valtra T tractor is dirty, a thorough cleaning will bring it back to its normal condition. You can use distilled water for this purpose. However, if it is too dirty for distilled water, consider buying a radiator cleaner.

Apart from the engine’s radiator, a dirty air filter is also among the leading reasons for overheating. An air filter keeps dirt from entering the engine, thus ensuring its cleanliness.

However, dust particles may accumulate on the air filter over time, which may cause overheating.

Consider reading the user manual to locate the air filter in your Valtra T tractor. Once you have accessed it, take it out to see whether it is clean or not. Thankfully, cleaning an air filter is pretty easy, and you can even do it at home.

Just take your vacuum cleaner and pass the air through its backside. After cleaning it, start the tractor and see whether it has fixed the problem or not.

  1. Tractor Not Performing Optimally

Tractor Not Performing Optimally

It is seen that the performance of the Valtra T series tractors deteriorates over time. They just do not work as efficiently as they used to.

You may experience a change in their speed, or they can also start consuming more fuel than before. If you feel that their performance has taken a hit, it could be due to many reasons.

Start by checking the spark plugs of your Valtra T tractor. It ignites the air and fuel mixture, thus aiding your tractor in combustion. So, if you are having a hard time starting your tractor, it is probably because the spark plugs have gone bad.

  1. Additional Problems

Additional Problems

A few other problems have also been associated with the Valtra T tractor. However, they are not limited to these tractors only. Consider inspecting components, such as ring pistons, radiator, spark plugs, and others.

If any component has worn out, consider replacing it immediately, or else it may worsen over time.

It is recommended to conduct maintenance now and then to ensure their optimal performance. During maintenance, your mechanic will detect any problem in time, thus saving you from costly repairs later.


Although the Valtra T tractors are quite durable, they are not prone to problems. Like every other tractor in the market, you may experience a few issues while using these tractors.

We have mentioned a few common problems, along with their effective workarounds. However, if nothing works for you, consider reaching out to a professional mechanic, as they have the right knowledge to handle complicated replacements and repairs.

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  1. Great to get that info the problem we have with our t202 valmet is the shuttle it stops and won’t go forward go backward ok but leave it for a few hour and it will go ahead again for a while can you help please. Regards Mary

  2. Have t234 2020 1600 hours it’s not got much exelarashion we you sink the boot when hauling on the road you need to drop a lot high gears to go up a slight hill any one no off this what I can do help it

    • I have one the same year and size find exactly the same as you I had a t234 active new 2016 it would pull like a train exelarashion was brilliant

  3. hi i was thinking about buying a 2006 valtra t170 second hand is there any information i can get too keep an eye on when i go to look at one please and thanks.

  4. Hi Mary I have the same problem how did you solve the t202 not going forward but goes backwards ok could really do with your help please regards Liam


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